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If you missed the private pop-up podcast about the strategies of email marketing, I'm so sorry! But you can still dig into some FREE resources below!

do you still want to learn about the systems of email-marketing & how to apply it to your own small business?
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so sorry you missed the email marketing pop up podcast!
(June 13th-June 28th,2023)

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Check out the Systems & Workflow Magic Podcast
(a podcast dedicated to helping biz owners find the magic in streamlining & automating the BACKEND puzzle pieces of their own business!) (And may learn A LOT about email marketing in many episodes!) Tune in every Monday morning!

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I'm a solopreneur AND a creative business owner just like many of you. And I quickly learned that if I wanted to run a successful business (or two!) all on my own... I needed to figure out how to save time and automate as much as possible! 

In walks in email marketing, and I am going to be honest...I wanted to
throw-up because I assumed that because I am "just a small business owner" (aka not making millions and zillions of dollars) I didn't need to start an email list (because I was getting sick of other people telling me to start one) 😂

But oh boy was I wrong. I quickly learned about the power of email marketing in 2019, and because of it's consistency (versus the rollercoaster of emotions called social media) I have brought in a consistent revenue of income from specific segments in my own list (year in and year out). 

I know that my brain is incredible at creating smart systems and crafting workflows that make sense (it's literally one of my superpowers)-so I knew that I could break down email marketing and explain it as a SYSTEM!

Another one of my superpowers?  Connecting and bringing in experts to help educate YOU on a specific workflow & systems related topic! That's why I decided to create this private podcast to help connect you with some savvy business owners who will help you better understand the power of email marketing in a logical and fun way! 

Hello! I'm Dolly. 

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