Welcome! I'm Dolly DeLong, and I love helping Christian business owners who are running the show on their own. As a launch integrator and strategist, I guide you through the backend of your first (or second) launch to make it more intentional and streamlined. My goal is to ensure you don't feel frazzled and overwhelmed but instead have a clear and intentional launch plan that you can maintain even after our time together. I take on only one client every three months to provide personalized support and attention. I've helped first-time launchers achieve 5-figure launches! I'm also the host of the Systems and Workflow Magic podcast and the Systems and Workflow Magic Bundle, offering free education and digital products to help small business owners DIY their systems and workflows. Let's make your next launch a success together!

Let's make your next launch a success together!

I'm Dolly.

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Helping Christian Solo Biz Owners master their launches is my jam
(and I'm pretty dang good at it).

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I would be honored to be your go-to systems and workflow educator to help you better understand systems, workflows & SOPS! And I would also be honored to get to help you plan out your first (or next) launch! Scroll down below to get started in working with me! I cannot wait to chat!

I believe that even though you are a muggle, you can become a strategic wizard for your small business and create ripples of change!

From systems + workflow education on both my podcast and blog to creating mini-courses and VIP experiences for creative small business owners, I love using my super powers to strategically help navigate the backend of your business!

"helping you be intentional with workflows + systems is my jam"

in addition to offering free education through my podcast & youtube channel, I also work with small female business owners in a 1:1 capacity in helping them organize and plan out their next launch as an integrator!

I get so much joy out of serving others through my craft and skill of being a systems & workflow educator. 

I do this through my free education via my podcast (The Systems & Workflow Magic Podcast), and also through my YouTube Channel where I show up weekly and deliver a systems & workflow related episode that can impact the BACKEND of ones business. 

Being intentional with the backend of your business does NOT happen on accident, and I am excited to help you navigate the waters of organizing the backend of your business!

I believe that one of my superpowers is that I'm very organized & intentional with systems & workflows

the Integrator & launch planning experience has been trusted by

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Kelly Blitz, a coach for teens with ADHD, sold out her group coaching program for parents with my support as her launch integrator! Initially aiming for 10 participants, she exceeded expectations with 12, resulting in a five-figure launch of $17,988. Kelly's email list grew from 15,898 to 18,398, and she also made additional sales through a down-sell.

She loved the experience, especially the professional pre-launch emails, updated landing pages, and clear offers. With my systems, checklists, and support, Kelly felt organized and prepared. She learned to manage tech and automation, repurpose content, and create evergreen webinars. Kelly highly recommends my services, praising my support, creativity, and efficiency. Read more about her success and how you can achieve similar results!

How Kelly Sold Out Her Group Program!

case study here

Check out Grace Paul's case study to see how a family photographer achieved a streamlined and profitable launch with me as her launch integrator!

This podcast case-study reveals step-by-step systems and workflows that transformed Grace's launch from chaotic to organized. Gain actionable insights and tips for a successful launch strategy, essential for any family photographer or small business owner.

Don't miss the chance to learn & be inspired by this amazing launch story!

Grace Paul's $51k Launch

Need some "receipts" of past launches? Check out these case studies!

Survivor. Oh yes, I'm a hard-core survivor fan and I secretly wish I was strong enough to be on the show. Although I do think I would be voted off due to being too hangry.

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Getting to live in Montana for one entire month with my husband + son in the summer of 2022.


Anything mustard yellow paired with stretchy pants (hey, I'm a mama with a real body over here!) I also am a huge fan of knotted headbands.

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Any National Park with my sweet crew of boys (Husband + Sons) my most favorite national park = Glacier National Park in Montana.

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Where should I even begin? I love Egg Nog, Coffee with Oat Milk, Grape Juice, Hot Chocolate with plenty of whipped cream, and...Water!


Since I'm half Indian, I have to always have a good Chicken Curry with Puri and Chai at least once a week.  


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It's time to start getting more intentional with the backend of your business (and launches) with systems, workflows & sops!

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