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develop a system that works for your small business when it comes to SEO & learn how to become the googled answer to your ideal client's searches! 

your systems & workflow bff

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educating solo business owners on how to set up systems and workflows for the backend of their small business is my jam. 

helping 1:1 small business owners experience the most intentional launch ever one system & workflow at a time!

A launch strategist & integrator for small business owners

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are you ready for some serious systems & workflow education?

Welcome! I'm Dolly DeLong, and I love helping Christian business owners who are running the show on their own.
As a launch integrator and strategist, I guide you through the backend of your first (or second) launch to make it more intentional, streamlined, and profitable. My goal is to ensure you don't feel frazzled and overwhelmed but instead have a clear and intentional launch plan that you can maintain even after our time together. I take on only one client every three months to provide personalized support and attention. I've helped first-time launchers achieve 5-figure launches! I'm also the host of the Systems and Workflow Magic podcast and the Systems and Workflow Magic Bundle, offering free education and digital products to help small business owners DIY their systems and workflows. Let's make your next launch a success together!

Transform Your First (or Next) Launch with Intentional Strategies
and Seamless Systems

Hear the rest of My story...

After learning the ins and outs of running my own service-based business (which I still run by the way) in 2020 I pivoted into education and began to share my knowledge with other creative entrepreneurs as a systems and workflow educator.

Whether you’re here to learn more about organizing the backend of your small business -or you are in desperate need of a launch integrator – I am SO honored you have stopped by and I hope to serve you soon!

I may be a muggle, but I've got a hufflepuff heart of gold and I cannot wait to serve you!

I'm Dolly, your new favorite launching strategist & your systems/workflow bff

Hey there!

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youtube + podcast

youtube + podcast



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Let's get straight to it...jump into the Systems & Workflow journey that applies to you right now!


"If you're a newer business owner, working with Dolly to learn how to better streamline & organize your small business is a must" 

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Learn more about my processes, get a glimpse into the 3 different services I offer for small business owners and see if we would be a good fit for Your launch!

Overall, I'm just so honored you are here! 

"So what exactly does an integrator do?"

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Ever since 2021, I have led the Systems and Workflow Magic Bundle (a bundle I curate two times a year that is packed full of resources to help serve the small business owner understand how to better streamline & organize the backend of their business with a specific system). This resource has helped serve over 5,000+ business owners!

The Most Recent Systems & Workflow Magic Bundle

business changing resources

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It's time to start getting more intentional with the backend of your business (and launches) with systems, workflows & sops!

let's be strategic with your business & launches