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A Collection Of Exclusive Resources Designed To Help Creative Business Owners Actually START And IMPLEMENT launching (or taking baby steps to implement launching) In Their Business So That They Can add launching to their marketing plans to
 impact the future of their business!
There are so many moving puzzle pieces of launching and I want to help break it down for you so and uncomplicate launching so that you can take confident steps to include a launch plan into your marketing as a solo biz owner!

What is this Bundle All About?

You’ve literally tried to figure this all out on your own, but you just can't quite put all the pieces together. It feels like you've tried everything...

The thing is, most business owners don’t even know what those puzzle pieces are (or mean) or have any idea how to make each piece work together. 

And there’s supposed to be a strategy connecting it all?! Too much!

That’s where I come in. As your Systems & Workflow BFF, I want to help you look at your end goal – to relaunch an existing offer or launch a new service or product – and work backwards to map out a clear, effective plan to get you exactly where you want to go.

But I can't do this alone, so that's why I've invited over 30 of my industry expert business peers who are going to help guide you in crafting a launch that works for you! 

(AND HONESTLY IT CAN FEEL OVERWHELMING IF YOU ARE NAVIGATING THESE WATERS ALL BY YOURSELF) I want to help you rock your very first (or next) digital product or service launch to impact 2024
 (and beyond)!

keep on reading my biz friend!

An "easy" launch???!!!
Is that even a real thing?!

Or you may be thinking: "I understand that there are moving puzzle pieces to launching but what exactly are these puzzle pieces?!?"  
I have ADHD already, and moving puzzle pieces????!!!!

Let's be honest, have you ever thought "okay I see the value of planning for a launch...but where the heck do I even begin?"
Because there are so many dang puzzle pieces! 

Or you may be thinking: "I understand that there are different phases of a launch, but when and where do I implement them as a team of one?"
(there are so many moving puzzle pieces & heck...I don't have a team!)

Or you may be thinking: "What if I put all the time into planning out a launch and then nothing happens?" (Aka, what are some good data points I need to measure everything up to? And what is realistic for ME?)

Or you may be thinking: "Okay okay...I know I have a proven product or service, but GEEZ I am so flippin' scared of putting myself out there to do I overcome this?"

Or you may be thinking: "Okay I see the value of being intentional with launching, but how the heck do I infuse it into my own marketing plan in a consistent way, especially as a solo biz owner?"


Clear understanding of the different puzzle pieces and the different phases of how to better map out your next launch (like you could build your own roadmap) 

A comprehensive bundle (where you are actually connected to various products that help you understand these different phases)

A clear, effective marketing strategy and plan for you to use and understand in how to apply to your own business!

Had insider knowledge that you’re learning from actual business owners who have gone before you and have used these specific puzzle pieces on the backend of their own launches (and now want to share their own strategies with you) 

What if you could experience a stress-free launch?

(yes you, solo business owner)

 Continue to scroll my friend...

*sound too good to be true?

Even though you may be running the show on your own in your creative business, you still need to take the essential steps to understand the different components of launching

(aka the puzzle pieces or phases)

so you can be more strategic with how you infuse launching in your own marketing plan!

a bundle dedicated to helping you unpack intentional strategy for your first or next launch!

The Systems And Workflow Magic Bundle 
The Launch Edition Is Here To Help You Go From Scattered To Streamlined With The Backend Puzzle Pieces of Launching!

Sure, you may not be able to have a full of team to do this, so that's why the systems and workflow magic launch bundle was created to help you see all the puzzle pieces you can use to put together a better foundation and understanding of all the phases of launching a digital product or a service!

Yes, you may be doing this on your own, but you can learn how to optimize these steps along the way from industry experts who are actually doing the dang work! 

That's why The Systems & Workflow Magic Bundle:
 The Launch Edition
was created to put our combined expert skills
to work for you!

You are going to learn the foundations and puzzle pieces (aka the systems and workflows) of launching  and this amazing education can help you understand a more holistic view of what puzzle pieces you could be working on first when it comes to planning out your first (or next) launch!

Listen, don't do ALL the things, just focus on one area of launching at a time. We created this bundle to be holistic and not a one sized fits all bundle!

This Bundle features over 30 different contributors who are contributing different resources that speak to the different aspects of launching!

These contributors are industry experts! They have been
 hand-selected to be a part of this bundle!They walk the walk and they talk the talk when it comes to launching and they have done the dang thing (and continue to show up and do the dang thing)

You will learn the value of all the different puzzle pieces that go into the systems and workflows of Launching.

Plus, in addition to this Bundle each speaker has resource that will correspond  with a certain phase of launching! You will walk away with action steps and walk away with knowledge on what to do immediately.  

This is a no fluff Bundle.

For 3 years now I have had a top ranking bundle
in the creative industry. It is because The Systems & Workflow Magic Bundle is a "no-fluff" bundle filled action steps and strategy

because honestly, I am sick of those lame bundles that deliver nothing

Kind words from bundle purchasers and contributors

Let’s get you MORE CONFIDENCE and CLARITY in actually understanding Launching and how you can use it in your small business. After all, you have worked so hard on your business, why not add a new way to infuse launching into your marketing game?

Inside this bundle you will finally

Have knowledge about where to begin with your own launching journey. You'll have a treasure trove of resources that show you the foundational phases you need to set into place for the different phases of launching- ummmm yes please!

Have guides (aka the Contributors) who have gone before you and have established expertise in specific areas of their own businesses (aka they are not scattered and they are offering TRUSTED education)A team of experts (contributors) who actually HAVE the resources/templates/mini-courses you can use to tackle your launch fears + overwhelm and show you how to put it all together in their amazing action-packed resources! 

Have actual ACTION STEPS to take with knowing what phase of the launch you need to refine (or start working on) because launching isn't a one-sized-fits-all approach.You will actually have REAL tangible puzzle pieces to walk away with and use instantly (this isn't a Bundle filled with fluff). 

Have the permission to slow down and learn from small business owners (aka the contributors) who want to teach you about the power of incorporating launching into your own marketing plan for 2024 and beyond! 

okay i know i need this!

Meet your guides
(aka the contributors) 
The Systems & Workflow Magic Bundle

Want a sneak peek into this bundle?👀

continue to scroll to see what is included!

Abagail Pumphrey, Ultimate Launch Bundle ($297)

Abagail Pumphrey is contributing The Ultimate Launch Bundle (Valued at $297)

The Ultimate Launch Bundle is going to become your go-to BFF in all of your future launches and here is why: 

You are going to ELEVATE your launch success with the Ultimate Launch Bundle, meticulously crafted to streamline your marketing efforts. This comprehensive package includes:

⭐️Marketing Launch Planner Google Doc Template 
Perfectly structured to guide your launch strategy, this planner ensures every detail is covered, from initial concept to final execution.

⭐️Launch Email Marketing Strategy Copywriting Template 
Craft compelling email campaigns with ease. This template simplifies the process of creating engaging and persuasive emails that resonate with your audience. Included is a 3 email workflow you can tweak to fit your offer and audience. 

⭐️9-Grid Social Media Canva Templates 
Enhance your social media presence with these visually stunning templates. They're designed to create a cohesive and attractive layout for your Instagram grid. Files include filled-out examples and templated versions with mad-lib style copy.

⭐️Modern Launch Marketing Social Media Canva Templates 
Keep your social media content fresh and engaging with these modern, easy-to-use templates tailored for impactful marketing campaigns. You no longer have to stress about creating eye-catching designs that will entice your followers to purchase your offer. These graphics were specifically made to support your pre-launch, launch, and post-launch marketing campaigns.

⭐️Launch Mockup Canva Template Pack 
Present your products or services in the best light with these versatile mockup templates, perfect for creating professional and appealing visual content. Whether you're launching a service, digital product, course or membership, we got you covered.

⭐️Master Content Planner Google Doc Template 
This comprehensive planner is your ultimate tool for organizing and strategizing content, ensuring consistent and effective messaging throughout your launch.

⭐️Launch Debrief Google Doc Template
Reflect and improve with this structured debrief template, designed to help you analyze your launch's performance and strategize for future success.

Each component of the Ultimate Launch Bundle is crafted to not only ease the process of launching but also to ensure maximum impact and efficiency. This bundle is a game-changer for entrepreneurs and marketers aiming to make their launch a resounding success.

Amanda Stores, 2024 Yearly Wall Calendar ($12) 

Amanda Stores is going to be contributing the 2024 Yearly Wall Calendar  (valued at $12)

The reason why this product is essential as a launching puzzle piece is because the goal of this calendar is to help you conquer your own personal launches in 2024! 

You can print this off and have a visual instead of going off of random sticky notes or post it notes! Say good-bye to the clutter!
Are you missing important deadlines, forgetting essential appointments, or struggling to keep track of your hectic schedule? Say goodbye to chaos and hello to an effortless way to organize your 2024 with the 2024 Yearly Wall Calendar. This must-have tool is designed to transform your daily life, ensuring you never miss a beat. 

Amanda Warfield, A Year in Preview ($197)

Amanda Warfield will be contributing the resource "A Year In Preview" which is valued at $197 and the reason why it is a launch related resource is because:

A Year in Preview will walk you through the six phases of crafting a marketing plan that's aligned with your business goals, makes you money, and brings in clients and customers - without taking up all of your time!  You'll walk away knowing when you launch, as well as when your pre-launch content should go out.

Angela Tan, Evergreen Express ($9)

Angela Tan will be contributing Evergreen Express which is valued at $9

Why is this essential for launching? Well, you may want to get OUT of the Live Launch mentality and into an evergreen launching mentality (for your personality and business structure)

Introducing Evergreen Express: Transform Your Live Launch into a Stress-Free Evergreen Sales Machine in Under an Hour!

Feeling overwhelmed by the complexities of turning your successful live launch into a 24/7 automated sales system? Meet Angela, the funnel tech geek and founder of The Systems Rx, who unveils her proprietary framework in this exclusive over-the-shoulder video. Witness firsthand as she converts a recent live launch into a seamless evergreen funnel in just 49 minutes and 34 seconds!

Major Takeaways:

Effortless Evergreen Transition: Discover how to repurpose your live launch assets into a streamlined evergreen sales machine, eliminating the tech-induced paralysis that often hinders progress.

Tech Simplified: Angela, your friendly neighborhood funnel tech geek, guides you through setting up and integrating the invisible aspects of funnel building, demystifying the process for a stress-free experience.

Behind-the-Scenes Strategies: Peek behind the curtains as Angela strategizes her funnel, offering valuable insights into the decision-making process that drives a successful evergreen setup.

Personal Empowerment: Angela's mission is to empower business owners like you to implement automated sales systems, providing peace of mind that your business can thrive even when life throws curveballs.

Angela Tan, Launch Automations Rx ($47)

Angela Tan will be contributing Launch Automations RX which is valued at $47

Why is this essential for launching? Well you may need to use Zapier to "talk" to the different apps you are using within your launch and so Angela Tan has created a fun tutorial to walk you through how to use Zapier in your launch!

Unlock the secret to stress-free launches with "Launch Automations Rx" – your all-in-one guide to automating your launch process. From Zap templates to decision-making insights, this resource is your ticket to understanding what (and how) to automate for your launch, focus on the 99 other launch tasks the robots can’t handle, and stop losing money on software expenses.

Major Takeaways:

⭐️Automate with Ease: Discover 7 proven strategies to seamlessly integrate Zapier into your launch, taking care of time-consuming tasks effortlessly.

⭐️Strategic Decision-Making: Gain clarity on when to use Zapier versus native integrations, empowering you to make informed choices tailored to your launch needs.

Ash Chow, The Pre-Launch POWER Primer ($199)

Ash Chow will be contributing The Pre-Launch POWER Primer which is valued at $199 USD.

The streamlined mini-course for course creators & creatives who want to create a powerful pre-launch strategy so your audience is primed and ready to snap up your offers

You'll walk away knowing:

➡️How to create an effective pre-launch strategy 
➡️The 5 elements your pre-launch strategy must include 
➡️How to identify the pivotal topics for your pre-launch
➡️The ideal length of your pre-launch runway
⭐️BONUS: Example Pre-Launch Email Sequence from a client's launch so you can see the strategy in action. 

Brooke Scott, FunnelerPro ($497)

Brooke Scott will be contributing the resource "FunnelerPro" which is valued at $497. 

The FunnelerPro a Ready-To-Use DFY Funnel Map & Guided Walkthrough Video For Crafting Your Lucrative Dream Funnel.

This resource includes: A 30-minute visual walkthrough and overview from top-of-funnel to close cart. Includes the bigger picture outline along side the detailed steps:

-A guided breakdown of each sequence inside the mapped funnel, including everything from tags, behaviors, supplementary automations, and more!

-Access to a Funnelytics Template to easily customize the funnel to your business. (If you don't have a Funnelytics account, you can create one for free when accessing the template!
You don't need to pay for Funnelytics to access & use the template.)

- An outline of commonly used settings to manage your Funnelytics template with ease.

Overall, this is a great resource to use if you need an entire visual of your ENTIRE launch!

Caroline Bryant, Emails That Sell ($97)

Caroline Bryant is going to be contributing Emails That Sell (valued at $97)

The reason why this product is essential as a launching puzzle piece is because selling to your audience through email marketing is so important when launching a new offer in your business. Your email list is your engaged audience ready to go all in with you! So what do you need to monetize off your email list? SALES EMAILS THAT WILL SELL!
You can finally kick your writers block to the curb and know EXACTLY what to send to your email list each day of launch week for your new offer! In Sales Emails Made Easy, I will provide you with a 7-part sales email sequence template that’s ready for you to plug-and-play with the details of your specific offer and audience, then click SEND!

➡️Caroline is taking her experience as an Integrator and Online Business Manager for Creative Educators and is providing you with the email templates you need to write & send emails to your audience that will help you achieve the launch of your dreams!

Carolyn O'Brien, The Ultimate Launch Tracker ($37)

Carolyn O'Brien is going to be contributing the Ultimate Launch Tracker (valued at $37)

The reason why this product is essential as a launching puzzle piece is because The Ultimate Launch Tracker is the best, most comprehensive, spreadsheet to track the performance of your online launches.
You can finally feel comfortable knowing that all of the important aspects of your launches are being tracked in one place, that you can easily access. Not only will you be able to track individual launch performance but you will easily be able to compare launches against each other to see what areas outperformed others across launches. 

-Ready to use Tracking Document to easily track the performance of your launches
-Training video explaining how to use the tracking sheet, but also best practices for monitoring the performance of your launches
-Built in Google Sheets, so no additional paid software required!
-Track individual launch performance plus compare launch performance against each other
-Can easily be customized for different launches: live webinars, recorded webinars, challenges, etc

➡️Carolyn is taking her experience as an actual launch strategist and is helping you create a system to understand the DATA to impact the decisions of your launch! 

Chelsea Wallace, The Launch Sales Calculator & ChatGPT Launch Prompt Catalog ($97)

Chelsea Wallace is contributing The Launch Sales Calculator & ChatGPT Launch Prompt Catalog which is valued at $97.

Why is this essential to help out with your first or next launch? ⬇️

Well, it's the #1 resource to help coaches and course creators max out their launch sales goals without the wild guesswork that comes with stressing over if your next launch is gonna be a hit or a total flop.

Finally, a proven system to help you nail down those tricky revenue projections, ditch the guesswork, create buzz-worthy launches, and level up your launch revenue you can roll up to your launch confident that the sales are about to come in!

With this calculator, you're on your way to predictable launch success and hitting those sales targets out of the park!

Emily Conley, The Launch Copy Library ($297)

Emily Conley will be contributing the resource "The Launch Copy Library" which is valued at $297. 

The Launch Copy Library is full of email, social media, and landing page copy templates to make prepping your audience and rocking your launch shockingly easy + wildly effective.

It's very vital and important to answer the essential questions about your launch and offer, then use your answers to customize the plug-and-play templates and you'll have clear, compelling launch copy ready in just minutes! 

If not knowing what to say in your copy is holding you back from launching a service or product, you are going to love The Launch Copy Library! 

Glenneth Reed, GA4 Launch Checklist ($27)

Glenneth Reed is going to be contributing the GA4 Launch Checklist (valued at $27)

You've taken the time to create an incredible product or service, build a beautiful landing page, and create sales assets like social posts and emails. Now make sure you are set up to get the data you need in order to pivot during a launch or make strategic decisions for your next launches.

 Access the GA4 Launch Checklist by purchasing the Bundle today!

Hayley Rissler, Pre-Launch Inspo: How to Create and Deliver Pre-Launch Content that Ignites Sales ($97)

Hayley Rissler is going to be contributing the "Pre-Launch Inspo: how to create and deliver pre-launch content that ignites sales" (valued at $97)

Excited to launch?! Sloooowwww down there, partner! Before you dive into launch mode, we need to have a chat about your pre-launch content.

I know, "pre-launch content" sounds boring - something to do "if you have time," but it's actually one of the MOST important pieces of your promotion!

Why? Your pre-launch content warms up your audience and puts them in the right frame of mind to buy your main offer. Without it, your customers feel like they're walking in halfway through a conversation, instead of starting at the beginning.

 In Pre-Launch Inspo, you'll learn...
- How to curate pre-launch content that excites your customers
- How to plan your pre-launch so it properly positions your main offer
- The best practices (and no-no's!) for delivering your pre-launch content

Through a mixture of lessons and videos, you'll be able to create your pre-launch content the right way, without your eyes glazing over, and feel confident when you enter launch mode.

Kelly Sinclair, The Simplified Content System ($47) 

Kelly Sinclair is going to be contributing the Simplified Content System (valued at $47)

The reason why this product is essential as a launching puzzle piece is because you already know you need to create content to get your business visible and attract more clients.

THE SIMPLIFIED CONTENT SYSTEM is going to be you all-in-one tool for planning and creating content for ANY PLATFORM! Access a dynamic planning calendar, caption creator, Canva templates, content prompts AI tutorials and more!

➡️Kelly is taking her experience as a PR and Visibility strategist and is helping you create a system of visibility that works for your next launch! 

Kendra Courtney, Using Dubsado to Deliver Your Digital Products($197)

Dubsado & Workflow expert Kendra Courtney, is contributing the resource "Using Dubsado To Deliver Your Digital Product" which is valued at $197.

If you use Dubsado as your CRM, you should know that you can also be utilizing Dubsado for your digital product deliveries as well.

You'll learn exactly what you need to set up in your Dubsado account to sell and deliver a digital product (walkthroughs and templates included!)

This is ideal for the business owner who may be on a tighter budget and you don't want to pay for any cart services outside of Dubsado! 

Mara Kucirek, ThriveCart Sales Page ($197)

Mara Kucirek is going to be contributing the ultimate Thrivecart Sales Page  (valued at $197)

The reason why this product is essential as a launching puzzle piece is because creating a professional, strategic checkout process increases your conversion rate and makes it easier for more customers to say “Heck yes!’ to your products! 

This full-length ThriveCart sales page gives you the strategy and design you need to convert scrollers into buyers. 

You can upload this sales page template into your account with one click of a button and start customizing with your own colors and fonts within minutes. 

➡️Mara is taking her experience as an online course creator expert and is helping you create a strategic sales page to help you impact YOUR future launches!

Mara Kucirek, Masterclass Magic Course ($49)

Mara Kucirek is going to be contributing the Masterclass Magic Course  (valued at $49)

The reason why this product is essential as a launching puzzle piece is because you will learn how to setup a profitable masterclass or webinar! This mini-course will walk you through the steps of creating your first Masterclass. Along with the lessons you'll receive access to email templates and a step-by-step checklist to help you take action! 

➡️Mara is taking her experience as an online course creator expert and is helping you create a strategic Masterclass (or a Webinar) in order to build up that HYPE before your launch!

Magan Ward, The Launch Plan Marketing Tool ($147)

Magan Ward will be contributing The Launch Plan Marketing Tool which is valued at $147

Planning a course or program launch?

But not sure when to begin promoting, sending emails, hosting your workshops/webinars, or posting on social media?

Never think about it again with The Launch Plan Marketing Tool!

This customized and pre-formulated tool only requires you to input the date your course/program goes live and spits out every single date you could possible need for the launch of your next course or program!

Marta Costa, Productivity Unleashed: Maximize Your Impact & Achieve Your Dreams ($97)

Introducing Productivity Unleashed: Maximize Your Impact and Achieve Your Dreams - the ultimate solution to transform your productivity and take control of your business!

Are you tired of constantly putting out fires and never having time to focus on growing your business? As a coach or service provider, it's easy to get lost in client delivery and lose sight of your own goals. But fear not, because help is here!

One of the biggest blocks to launching that I've seen over the years, is simply not having the time or the bandwidth to create a new product or program, let alone all everything that goes with launching it!

With Productivity Unleashed, you'll receive a 1-hour video training that will revolutionize the way you work. Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to intentional growth. This comprehensive program includes not only the video training itself but also a transcript and slides for easy reference.

In this power-packed training, you'll discover proven strategies and techniques that will skyrocket your productivity. Learn how to effectively manage your time, prioritize tasks, set achievable goals, and stay focused amidst distractions. You'll gain invaluable insights into streamlining processes, optimizing workflows, and leveraging technology for maximum efficiency.

But that's not all! With Productivity Unleashed, you'll also receive a transcript of the training so you can review key concepts at your own pace. Plus, we've included slides that visually reinforce the main points covered in the video.

Don't let another day go by where you're stuck in the cycle of busyness without making progress towards your dreams. Take charge of your business today with Productivity Unleashed: Maximize Your Impact and Achieve Your Dreams.

Melody DiCroce, Trust Factor: Testimonials that Inspire Confidence and Drive Sales ($97)

Melody DiCroce is going to be contributing "Trust Factor: Testimonials That Inspire Confidence and Drive Sales" which is valued at $97. 

Why is this essential in your launch plan? Well, having client testimonials drives more sales!

This comprehensive toolkit is designed to transform the way you use testimonials, turning them into your most valuable asset for building trust and social proof, leading to a stronger brand and more sales.

The toolkit includes everything you need, including a guide to crafting testimonials that convert, email outreach templates, survey templates, and a tracker to help you keep your testimonials organized and at your fingertips.

Michelle Pontvert: Simple Launch System in Notion ($105)

Michelle Pontvert's resource is called the Simple Launch System in Notion (valued at $105)

The reason why this product is essential as a launching puzzle piece is because it will help your first or next launch be more streamlined with this complete launch system built out in Notion that makes your promotions oh-so-easy to pull off! (Keep everything more organized in one place)

➡️This product is going to be great for small business owners who may already use Notion (or are looking for a new project management tool to add to their business system)

Monica Snyder: Abandoned Cart Workshop ($47)

Monica Snyder is going to be contributing the Abandoned Cart Workshop (valued at $47). 

The reason why this product is essential as a launching puzzle piece is because everyone wishes their email marketing was like little bots working hard in the background, bringing in revenue. And that can happen when you create an abandoned cart series for your launch. Get this entire email system set up in just 3 hours and bring back up to 20% of people who abandon the cart during your open cart.

➡️This product alone is a no brainer to have set up for other products even if you are not in launch mode! 

Nicole Boucher: Launch Project Planning Template ($149)

Nicole Boucher is going to be contributing the Launch Project Planning Template (which is valued at $149)

The reason why this product is essential as a launching puzzle piece is because deciding to launch a new product isn’t a one-step process. 
It’s actually four steps: 1) Product development and improvement; 2) Priming your audience and getting them excited about your product; 3) The actual launch itself; 4) The post-launch.

Notice how “launch the thing” is third on that list? Not first? There’s a lot that goes into a launch, especially if your offer requires any tech set-up, you’re having a webinar before the cart opens, etc. Lucky for you, you won't miss a thing with this ready-to-go launch project plan that you can import into Asana, Trello, ClickUp, and more. 

➡️Nicole is bringing her expertise as an OBM and backend strategist to help you plan out your next launch with strategy!

Peggy James, SELL ($197)

Peggy James is going to be contributing the product SELL (which is valued at $197)

The reason why this product is essential as a launching puzzle piece is because you should be learning how to turn your casual viewers into paying clients.

SELL is your 3-step (fail-proof) formula for selling and converting on social media.

Inside this mini-course you'll learn 3 phases system to successfully sell your services and products on social media. You'll learn how to activate your audience, warm them up, identify your hottest leads and how to actually SELL!

Reed Gallagher, Welcome Sequence Templates ($97)

Reed Gallagher is going to be contributing a product called "Welcome Sequence Templates" Valued at $97

Why is this so crucial to launching?
Well, you can finally write the perfect welcome sequence without staring at a blank screen in just one day. The Welcome Sequence Template is your secret weapon for effortlessly crafting a persuasive and high-converting email funnel. 

You may need to have several FUNNELS in place for your launch (as you are list building during the pre launch phase, or even for your purchase and welcome sequences) Either way, having a template of what to write out will help you tremendously in your launch journey! 

Sage Polaris, Multiple Six Figure Sales Page Copy Template ($37)

Sage Polaris is going to be contributing the Multiple Six Figure Sales Page Copy Template (which is valued at $37)

The reason why this product is essential as a launching puzzle piece is because
Most People Say The Sales Page Is The Single Most Important Factor In Deciding to Buy Your Online Offer!
✔ Grab your beverage of choice. Then press play on the 20-minute training on how to reverse engineer copy for a multiple six-figure sales page 
✔ Plus, I’ll be rolling out the red carpet for you and sharing my multiple six-figure sales page copy/paste/personalize template
✔ Sssshhh… my private clients pay thousands of dollars to get this and you’re getting it for less than the cost of a rooftop brunch (mimosas optional 😉 )

➡️Sage is bringing her expertise as a Launch Strategist & Copy Coach to help you plan out and map out the copy of your various sales pages and landing pages to impact your next launch! 

Sarah Weiss, The Ultimate Guide for Low Energy Content Creators ($27)

Sarah Weiss will be contributing The Ultimate Guide For Low Energy Content Creators which is valued at $27.

Why is this essential for a future launch? Well, read on: 


Let's make content creation simple, efficient, and fun!

In this resource you'll find info about:

-Creating a content schedule that works for you
-20 b-roll ideas (don't worry I'll explain b-roll)
-In-depth details on batching (especially video)
-Repurposing (with purpose)
& more!

BONUS: Access to my tried and true Airtable template that I use for my content (and client content!) I provide a video walkthrough of exactly how to use it!

I've taken all of the strategies I use to show up every day despite my fatigue and pain levels...Hint: Sometimes it's not in real-time!

Stephanie Kase, Webinars That Sell ($150) 

Stephanie Kase is going to be contributing the Webinars That Sell Masterclass 
 (which is valued at $150)

The reason why this product is essential as a launching puzzle piece is that Webinars are a great HYPE piece event to have the week (or a few days) before your actual cart open day of your own launch!
Webinars are a perfect way to boost interest in your area of expertise and they boost your email list as well before your cart opens!
Webinars That Sell is a masterclass on how to create passive income for your offers with a free webinar strategy! In doing the exact webinar strategy I’m (Stephanie) teaching you, the replay of ONE of our webinars has generated over $50,000+ in revenue for us in a 21-month timespan, on a lower ticket online course! Think: Waking up to new sales on autopilot.
Inside this masterclass, I’m teaching you all about choosing your profitable webinar topic, a walkthrough of an exact tech setup to host your webinars, how much to teach and what to teach inside your webinar so it converts, moving into your pitch in a way that doesn’t feel salesy, what should be included on your webinar slides, and the logistics of going live & setting up the replay afterward! 

➡️Stephanie Kase is bringing her expertise as an online business educator and content creator to help you plan out your next launch with a webinar that leads naturally to your product! 

Sydney O'Brien, Launch Instagram Content Calendar ($97)

Sydney O'Brien is going to be contributing a Launch Instagram Content Calendar which is valued at $97. 

The reason why this product is going to help out tremendously with your first (or next) launch is because this is a complete calendar of what to share on your business's instagram from pre-pre launch to post-launch to attract your dream clients, connect with them, showcase your authority as an industry expert, and convert them into buyers. Includes what to post, how to write caption, and what to share to stories.

No more staring at a blinking cursor either on your desktop (or phone) as you try to attempt to map out your content for Instagram, Sydney is here to guide you! 

➡️Here is a huge reason why you want to learn from Sydney: she is a certified Instagram Strategist that helps busy but determined mompreneurs with strategies for their Instagram content so that they can make more sales while saving time! This is huge for moms who want to learn how to launch a product or service as well! 

Tayler Cusick Hollman, How to do a post-launch Analysis($19) 

Tayler Cusick Hollman is going to be contributing the resource "How To Do A Post-Launch Analysis" which is valued at $19. 

Now why is this essential for your own launch plan? 

If launching is something you are going to do on a regular basis, you have to build on your successes and failures to get better at it over time. The good news is, doing a post-launch analysis doesn't take you a lot of time—but it is going to give you a ton of insight!

This resource includes the 6 questions you should ask yourself after doing any launch as well as notes to help you think about your answers and an easy way to keep everything you want to note organized for your future self to reference.

Tayler Cusick Hollman, Launch KPIs to track ($19)

Tayler Cusick Hollman is going to be contributing the resource "Launch KPIs To Track" which is valued at $19. 

Now why is this essential for your own launch plan? 

Tracking numbers for most aspects of your business is a great habit to have, but tracking them for launches is extra important because they help you understand your starting point. But with so many things you could think about tracking, it becomes overwhelming to pick the metrics that will really help you understand how well your launch went.

This resource includes lists of KPIs you can think about tracking for a business launch, website launch, and product or service launch—without having to Google for the answer. 

Will I see you inside the bundle?


 $3,700+for all the courses & resources combined = $197 right now!

Let's break it down:
  • Ultimate Launch Bundle ($297)
  • 2024 Yearly Wall Calendar ($12) 
  • A Year in Preview ($197)
  • Evergreen Express ($9)
  • Launch Automations Rx ($47)
  • The Pre-Launch POWER Primer ($199)
  • FunnelerPro ($497)
  • Emails That Sell ($97)
  • The Ultimate Launch Tracker ($37)
  • The Launch Sales Calculator & ChatGPT Launch Prompt Catalog ($97)
  • The Launch Copy Library ($297)
  • GA4 Launch Checklist ($27)
  • Pre-Launch Inspo: How to Create and Deliver Pre-Launch Content that Ignites Sales ($97)
  • The Simplified Content System ($47) 
  • Using Dubsado to Deliver Your Digital Products($197)
  • ThriveCart Sales Page ($197)
  • Masterclass Magic Course ($49)
  • The Launch Plan Marketing Tool ($147)
  • Trust Factor: Testimonials that Inspire Confidence and Drive Sales ($97)
  • Simple Launch System in Notion ($105)
  • Abandoned Cart Workshop ($47)
  • Launch Project Planning Template ($149)
  • SELL ($197)
  • Welcome Sequence Templates ($97)
  • Multiple Six Figure Sales Page Copy Template ($37)
  • The Ultimate Guide for Low Energy Content Creators ($27)
  • Webinars That Sell ($150)
  • Launch Instagram Content Calendar ($97)
  • How to do a post-launch Analysis($19) 
  • Launch KPIs to track ($19)
  • How To Use Dubsado As A Podcast Host (launch tips) ($67)


the best

You will have access to all of these resources Until August 1st, 2024 when you purchase this Bundle (so that means you have to take action once you purchase and download them! Why? So that you can take the next steps with Launching!!

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You get ongoing access to:

- 30+ resources/mini-courses/templates all centered around the topic of Launching

- You have until August 1st, 2024 to access each of these resources to impact your launching goals of 2024

-Finally learn how to integrate launching with your marketing plans to impact 2024!

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your ideal launch HAPPEN

✅You'll actually have a plan of action as to WHERE you can begin with mapping out and planning your first (or next) launch!

✅You'll know exactly what type of copy to craft & write for every single phase of the launch you are mapping out. You finally have the clarity to write out copy that connects in all the phases of your launch! 

✅You'll logically know you are not "a numbers person", but heck, you feel more confident knowing what numbers to identify and how to measure what is working for YOUR business (versus depending on your feelings)

✅You'll have foundational knowledge of the different phases of a launch, and it's directly impacting how you are mapping out your next quarter (heck even the next 6 months of your content strategy for your business)! 

✅You'll know that you need to show up and be visible on the platforms that matter most to you and your audience, and you are making strides at creating momentum with your authority content! 

✅You'll know that there are A LOT Of puzzle pieces and tech pieces that go in the behind the scenes of a launch, but now you know how to map it all out and honestly you don't have that same achy feeling of overwhelm because you know WHERE to start!

Your business after the bundle...

❌Is pretty much non existent. You wish you had the knowledge and strategy to actually map out a launch but you have no idea where to begin.

❌You stare at your computer screen and you feel so mind-numbingly numb about what to even write when it comes to the puzzle pieces of copy for the different phases of a launch. 

❌ You honestly don't even know where to begin when it comes to analyzing metrics, data, and the numbers behind your think "what's the point?"

❌You are confused with the different phases of launching. Heck, when an idea of a product or service comes to your mind you want to announce it TOMORROW and then you get upset when no one buys. 

❌You feel slimly and salesy with promoting yourself. You want to learn how to promote your services and digital products, without feeling that ICK feeling

❌You honestly feel overwhelmed with all the puzzle pieces and tech that goes into a launch. You wish you had a clear system WITHOUT having to hire out a team (b/c you can't afford that yet)! 

Your business with launching now...


So you want to launch a product, that's great! Should you announce it to the world tomorrow and expect million dollar success results? Or, should you start mapping out the puzzle pieces of a great pre launch strategy? I would say do option B (plan it out!) 

pre-launch puzzle pieces


This is the component that many business owners just want to jump to (and it honestly is so exciting to think about) but there are also so many puzzle pieces of this phase of the launch as well! Bundle purchasers will get access to resources + materials to help in this phase!

the actual launch


Okay, so you have launched a what? This is an essential part that many business owners neglect because they either want to jump on to the next shiny object (or project). But digging into their data + numbers not only helps out with future launches but it helps them slow down and assess! 

post launch pieces


Depending on who you purchase the Bundle through, that contributor may have extra bonuses for you (the buyer) to receive! So make sure you follow your favorite Contributor and inquire with them about their specific bundle bonuses! 



Once you have access to the Bundle, keep in mind you have until August 1st, 2024 to download ALL of the resources. You will have on going access to these resources after August 1st, 2024, but remember you only have until August 1st to take action to download them!

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Take a peek at the various components & puzzle pieces of this
Launch Bundle!

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Truly focus on the STRATEGY of launching and how to apply it to your specific business.
No more blinking cursor, no more headaches about what to write in certain phases of the launch, no more frustration with absolute chaos when it comes to promoting your own
 services or products. 

No more feelings of dread when it comes to knowing where to begin when it comes to launching-you're going to actually understand the value of having a well thought out
launch plan!

Finally you can take the steps you need to take to take action in implementing a launch plan in your business!

🚀Let’s get you some tangible Launch education in 2024

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Learn the foundations, planning process & different phases of launching & immediately apply the essential puzzle pieces to your business! 

The point is...we just want YOU to start! Just START in taking baby steps to plan out your next launch and stop dragging your feet! But the ball is in YOUR court!

But this is about making launching (and the different phases of launching) understandable for you. That's why this bundle is broken up into different puzzle pieces to help you understand that there are so many different aspects and facets of launching!

Listen, the 30+ contributors, will work as your guides in the various resources, templates and mini-courses to teach you everything we know about launching!
(that's why we are experts)

This is not, 
“If I did it so can you”

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What is stopping you from digging into launching?

• This ENTIRE Bundle is going to be broken down into 3 foundational sections full of resources on how to get started with launching to impact your own creative business. 

• Even if you are growing your business at a snail's pace, it is essential to learn the power of strategic planning (which is great marketing to apply to your own business slowly over time)! You can go at your own pace!

• Skip the stress and overwhelm. Get actionable steps to implement launching in your business. The Systems & Workflow Magic Bundle the Launch Edition = game-changer!

• No team. No tears. Just you creating strategic launch education magic with the help of your newest systems and workflow BFFs (aka the contributors who have amazing resources to teach you!)

There has never been a better time to START LEARNING ABOUT HOW TO USE LAUNCHING TO IMPACT your small business

😎I know this is hard to believe, but it IS possible for you to learn how to launch as a team of ONE!  

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❌You already have a team working for you and someone on your team can handle the launch planning for you (aka you outsource everything and that's great!) 

❌You don't like Bundles & you're opposed to putting your email address on different forms to receive bundle-related resources.

❌You don't like Launching & you believe that the whole idea of launching is pointless (and you would rather just leave everything to chance).

❌You are already a launch expert and you know all there is to know about the ins and outs of launching and how to apply it to your own business!

This Bundle is not a good fit for you if:

⭐️You know you need to START and TAKE ACTION in implementing launching in your small business (because you have services and digital products you WANT to promote strategically)! 

⭐️You know you want someone to hold your hand and walk you through the foundations  & different phases of launching with easy-to-digest and easy-to-follow resources from experts. 

⭐️Your goal of 2024 is to have more working knowledge of launching and how to actually use it to your advantage for your biz!

⭐️ You actually want a QUALITY option to learn about launching from a wide variety of experts at a GREAT one time price! 

This Bundle is a good fit for you if:

Get ready to have a step by step guide in learning how to launch with actionable steps! Let's crush those marketing goals and make your business soar in 2024 (or at least give you so much confidence to know how to launch)!

As a fellow creative business owner who wears all the hats, I know the struggle. But with killer planning skills that will translate into knowing how to map out your first (or next) launch, you can work some serious magic
(yes, even as a Muggle)! Join me + the 30 contributors in learning strategy & foundations of strategic launching.  Let's be intentional with marketing your digital products and services in 2024 and beyond!

Ready to make 2024 the year that you experience the most seamless launch ever?😎

Imagine what it will be like to finally have the systems, workflows, & clarity in place to actually implement launching with confidence!

You could invest your time in this awesome Bundle and finally see the foundational puzzle pieces of what goes into strategic launch planning so that you can go from scattered to streamlined to better impact your own creative business!


You could keep doing what you're already doing - figure this all out on your own, watch countless tutorial videos, listen to endless podcasts, heck even buy a $$$$ course but you just can't quite put all the pieces together. It feels like you've tried everything...and you feel like launching truly must be unattainable if it's "not working for you" and it's "overwhelming"

You have a choice...

That's why there are literal resources (yes RESOURCES) dedicated to helping you breakdown the different aspects of planning out a launch and how it can apply to your small business. You will literally have $$$$ of resources at your fingertips!
"I don't know even know where to begin"
That's why there are going to be copywriters and experts who are going to break down the essential foundations of storytelling, the foundations of connection, and the foundations of quality content that will help you write from a place of clarity for all the phases of a launch.
"I have no earthly idea what to write"
That's why there are going to be contributors talking about some tech tools you need to have in place to get started with planning out your first (or next) launch. Aka, the tech stack of launching is not that overwhelming!
"I am too dumb to figure out the tech"

You can do this
(I promise!) ...even if you’re thinking…

The Systems and Workflow Magic Bundle (The Launch Edition) is going to be $97 from Feb. 5th-Feb.9th, 2024

It has over $3700 worth of resources all centered around the topic of launching and is a one-of-kind bundle filled with experts who want to help you understand the backend puzzle pieces of launching!

The price WILL go up to $197 and then the Bundle will go away by June 1st, 2024! 

All materials, documents, posts/comments/replies, emails, blogs, digital files, paper documents, and any other work created by The Systems and Workflow Magic Bundle: The Launch Edition in relation to this Bundle is the exclusive and sole property of each individual collaborator and is protected by United States Copyright Laws (USC Title 17). You agree that The Systems & Workflow Magic Bundle's content is not to be used for purposes beyond your implementation.

You have from Feb. 5th, 2024 to Feb. 9th, 2024 to purchase the bundle at the price of $97)
AFTER Feb. 10th, 2024 the price WILL go up to $197 until June 1st, 2024 (then it goes away forever) 
 You can purchase it here

You will receive instant access to the Bundle when you purchase (Feb. 5th-Feb.9th, 2024)

*The only caveat is this = you will have until August 1st, 2024 to download/access ALL of the resources in the Bundle (yes, you will have ongoing access to all the Bundle resources but you still need to access the bonuses from each speaker with their unique code, which will be given to you when you purchase the Bundle) 

Expect to learn the foundations, systems/workflows and backend puzzle pieces of launching from industry experts who actually have done the dang thing of launching their own products and services (or they teach on launching)! 

This is a no-fluff Bundle. We actually want you to walk away with tangible strategies and tips to apply it to your business, no matter where you are in your business journey. 

The ultimate goal is to help break down the systems and workflows (the puzzle pieces) of launching either a digital product or a service so it's more tangible and easy to digest so that you can actually apply it to your business!

To purchase it for $97 you have from Feb. 5th to Feb. 9th, 2024

The courses/templates/resources inside the Bundle will be available to you to access with your special code until August 1st, 2024 

If you click HERE you can see what is included in the Bundle!
Due to the nature of this being a digital product with a value of over $3645+

 no refunds will be issued. 

All sales are final.

If you click HERE you can meet the contributors, learn more about them and give them a follow on IG!
You also will be gifted a free gift from each contributor as well to help you with your own business journey!


I'm a solopreneur, just like many of you. And I quickly learned that if I wanted to run a successful business (or two!) all on my own... I needed to figure out how to save time and automate as much as possible! 

Breaking down the magic of systems, workflows and SOPS is my superpower. I am the host of the Systems and Workflow Magic Podcast, I serve creative business owners (like yourself) with various mini-courses and VIP experiences all centered around one theme: helping you go from scattered to streamlined with strategic (and simple) SYSTEMS, SOPS and WORKFLOWS. 

But I have realized, talking about Systems and Workflows can be overwhelming, because not a lot of people know where to begin. 

So I decided to create a solution called "The Systems and Workflow Magic Bundle". This is actually my 4th time leading this bundle, and the CORE value of this summit revolves around the topic of LAUNCHING (aka helping creative business owners navigate the puzzle pieces of launching and taking the overwhelm out of it!) 

Hi, I'm Dolly – and I believe in the magic of systems, workflows & streamlining the backend of your Creative Biz!

meet your newest workflow & systems bff

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The Systems & Workflow Magic Bundle, 
The Launch Edition, is here to help you create a plan of action for launching!

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