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I'm Dolly —  a systems + workflow educator, integrator (and Podcast Host) for small business owners who want to be more streamlined and organized with System, Workflows & SOPS. I'm here to help you l feel great about workflows!

All of my blog posts are written to help the reader find inspiration, "ah-ha moments" + clarity with systems/workflow education, launching education, and I even have peppered some of my own personal life in several blogs so you can get to know me!

The most important thing is: I want you to walk away with tangible next step resources! Thank you again for being here!

Welcome to the Systems & workflow education blog

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How To Understand The Overhead Cost of Running A Digital Based Business As A Service Based Business Owner (YouTube Video + Blog Post)

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Amber Housley, a Marketing Expert and Business Coach For Women, came on the podcast to chat about How to Set Up Systems for Retreats and Events (plus) How to Think Through Your Retreats Strategically! You will not want to miss out on this episode, esp if you want to host your own retreat (big or small) within your business

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5 Ways to organize the Backend of your business. Tips you can implement to be more streamlined and intentional with your business as a small business owner

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Today I’m joined by Abagail Pumphrey – the CEO and co-founder of Boss Project. We discuss various aspects of business launches, sharing their insights on the buyer’s journey, key messaging, engagement strategies, and ethical business practices. We also emphasize the importance of understanding personal goals in defining a business’s success. Get your pen and paper ready to take notes during this one!

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Nashville Family Studio Photography Session In A Natural Light Studio by Nashville Family Photographer Dolly DeLong

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How to launch in 2024 featuring the Systems & Workflow Magic Bundle: The Launch Edition. Let’s dive into WHY launching is essential for all business owners.

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YouTube Video On how to use your Podcast strategically during your pre launch timeframe to drive even more traffic to boost sales to impact your overall launching period!

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My Top 3 Tips For How To Grow Your Email List Organically During A Launch Period (YouTube Video)

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Abandoned Cart Email Sequences and why they are important to incorporate them into your own business and your launches!

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In this episode, I speak with Systems and Funnel Expert, Brooke Scott about launch management and planning considerations that you need to consider, especially if you have a digital product, course, or service that you want to launch tools, and strategies to go from scattered to streamlined with purpose because even muggles can become automated wizards with their launches!

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It's time to start getting more intentional with the backend of your business (and launches) with systems, workflows & sops!

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