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The Dolly DeLong: My Montana Maternity Photos in Bozeman (August 2018)

So excited to finally get to share several of my favorite maternity photos from my session with Kristen Rose Photography in Bozeman,Montana.
For those of you who don’t know this about me, I actually grew up in Bozeman (was born and raised there from 1984 to 2003) and after I graduated from Bozeman High School in 2003 I actually moved to the south for college (and that’s how I ended up settling in Nashville, TN). When Ty and I were planning out our babymoon, I somehow convinced him that it would be amazing to start our trip in Bozeman (so that he could fall in love with the land of 406) AND so that I could do several photography sessions while in Montana (since I run DollyDeLongPhotography full time now and I specialize in wedding + family photography in both Tennessee and Montana).
Looking for a maternity photographer was a challenge because the ONLY time Ty and I had free was HIGH NOON (every photographers nightmare) on a Friday afternoon in Bozeman. But thankfully I met Kristen and she agreed to do our maternity photos at that time AND SHE ROCKED IT! I mean, I am so excited about all my photos and I am ESP excited that she agreed to do several of the photos at the famous Pickle Barrel (which was my favorite sandwich shop growing up) and I know logically it is NOT an ideal location for maternity photos, but since it was such a fun place for me to go eat at growing up (like literally that’s all my parents bought for me before all of our family hikes), I wanted to take Ty there and watch him eat a sandwich (ahha since I could not eat a sub, due to being Pregnant-how sad!) I mean…I had to live vicariously somehow! (Don’t worry you all…I still had the pickle out of the barrel…I was allowed to eat that! HAHAH!)
We also ended the session featuring my favorite mountain range: The Bridger Mountains! So I was very excited to get to have such special photos taken in the Valley I grew up in. I mean, come on people, Montana is literally the last best place on earth. I wish I could take everyone I love to Montana! Actually, I wish I could just move to Montana and take all the people I love with me!
Okay, so thank you for reading my quirky little post about my love of the Pickle Barrel + Montana AND a huge shout out to Kristen Rose Photography for being the BEST photographer to work with!

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