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Easter With A Toddler | Nashville Newborn And Nashville Family Photographer Dolly DeLong Photography

A Very Joyful Easter With A Toddler

toddler life: easter with a toddler

Seeing the joy of Blaise experiencing this holiday by joyfully finding Easter eggs was the highlight of this season for me as a mom. Honestly, Blaise did not even know that there could be an option of having candy IN the eggs because Ty and I kept the eggs empty, and yet he was SO pumped about picking up the eggs and putting them in a basket! (We are going to see how many years we can get away with this! Is that mean?) 

This Easter was very unique in that we were quarantined (thanks to COVID-19) so we tried to make Easter fun with activities in our yard and in the living room. Thankfully, Blaise does not know the difference because he is at the age where he just enjoys being around his mom and dad regardless of the location (oh man I am going to miss this season when he is an angsty preteen-haha!) 

In a season of confusion and uncertainty with what is happening with the world around me, I am so grateful for this sweet season of life with my busy little toddler. I am also so grateful to have hope that one day we are going to be reunited with Christ because of his ultimate defeat of death so many years ago. I cannot wait to share this joy and hope with Blaise as he gets older too!

Here are a few of my favorite images from his easter egg hunt with his daddy (Ty)! Thanks for reading along! I hope you had an amazing (and safe) Easter too!


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easter with a toddler by nashville family photographer Dolly DeLong Photography


Meet Your Friendly Nashville Family Photographer

a dad mom and toddler son are all smiling at eachother at a lavender farm by Erin Fox photography in Nashville

Dolly DeLong is a Nashville-based family & personal branding photographer, and also serves as a business systems educator to new creative entrepreneurs (which is a fancy way of saying, she enjoys teaching how to best lay a good foundation for automating your new business).  Dolly loves serving families, and business owners with her timeless, radiant photography.  She loves capturing the joy and emotion in both digital and film photos.

She also has a heart for serving the larger business community. Dolly shares her knowledge of tools like Pinterest, email marketing, automation processes, and time management with fellow creative business owners in an encouraging and supportive way through her T.A.S.K.* method (an example of this can be seen in her Pinterest Foundations Mini-Course), through helpful blog posts, and other resources. 

Dolly’s faith and love for her family motivate her to help other business owners find the joy and freedom she’s found in running a successful small business.

Whenever she has a spare moment, she enjoys watching TV (i.e. Survivor), eating way too many sweets, and listening to podcasts while running or walking. To work with Dolly DeLong Photography LLC, please email her at thedollydelong@gmail.com or fill out her contact form here.

Interested in having a joyful and radiant photography experience? Click here to work with Nashville Family Photographer Dolly DeLong

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