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Dolly DeLong Photography: Summer Sunflower Maternity Session with Ben and Grace (Nashville, TN)

If you enjoy summer, sunflower fields, and adorable puppies, you are going to love looking through Grace and Ben’s maternity session with Dolly DeLong Photography! When Ben reached out to me to take their maternity photos, we did not realize that 2018 would be a weird year for sunflower farms near Nashville. Apparently they are not growing this season (like they normally do) because of some weird cycle. Ben explained it to me, but I cannot remember for the life of me what the reason was, so I’ll blame it on my pregnant brain! So why a sunflower farm for the Fennells? It’s because Ben proposed to Grace at a sunflower farm several years ago, and every year they have made it a point to take pictures with sunflowers. Of course they wanted to include their daughter in these milestone photos since sunflowers are so important to their relationship. (I think that’s pretty sweet.) So anyway, you are prob wondering where exactly we found a sunflower field. Ben and Grace were driving in Bellevue when they happened to see this mini field alongside the road. They asked the owner (since it is private property) if they could do their maternity session on his land, and he graciously allowed us to shoot there for free! Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to ask, because people can be super friendly and nice. To the owner of this mini sunflower field, thank you for allowing us to photograph on your private property and for helping bring Ben and Grace’s vision to life!  Also, I am so happy that Ben and Grace brought Melvin, their “firstborn” fur baby, along for the session. It was very sweet taking pictures of him and including him in the fun! I think that he and his sister are going to be great friends. (I mean, who wouldn’t love that face?)  Sweet Grace and Ben, thank you again for taking your Sunday evening to work with me! I had a blast talking with you two and catching up with you. You two are going to be the best parents

Thanks for viewing! If you would like to schedule a family or maternity session with Dolly DeLong Photography please fill out the contact me form on my website or you can simply DM me on instagram @dollydelongphoto OR you can email me at: thedollydelong@gmail.com.  Have a blessed day!

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