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Dolly DeLong Photography LLC: Mommy & Me Mother’s Day Sessions (May 4th, 2019)

Since entering Motherhood, I have embarked on a journey of taking nonstop photos of my son, Blaise, at every waking moment of his life, not only because I am a professional photographer by trade, but because I think he is the cutest little human who ever existed. However, I am in hardly ANY of these said photos mostly because I am now a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) running my photography business in my workout clothes and I don’t want to get in front of a camera anymore because of how much of a “hot mess” I look like on a daily basis (again, this is my perception of myself)!

A few days ago, I had my very own branding session (to update my new photography website) and I had my hair and makeup professionally done for these photos and oh boy, I felt like a million dollars (honestly I felt like I was getting married all over again to Ty! haha!) I even stayed out late (meaning I stayed up past 8 pm because #ThugLyfe) so that I could showcase Kathryn’s amazing work! (I mean, seriously, she is a miracle worker). Honestly, I know that getting photos with my son without getting my hair and makeup professionally done would be just fine, but taking that extra step made me feel so REFRESHED! Please don’t read that sentence wrong. I am NOT trying to say I will ONLY treasure those photos because I had my hair and makeup professionally done, but I just felt prettier/fresher and just excited after months of having spit up/drool and God knows what all over my clothing since he was born. It was just so nice getting dressed up and going around town and feeling a semblance of “normal” again but this time documenting the day with my son and husband!

This all sparked an idea of doing a “Mommy and Me” Mini Session day where Mommies of ALL stages and ages would be invited to come out to the Loved Studios in Franklin, TN for a day of pampering and photography! I have invited Kathryn Coursey back and she is going to do a fun and natural makeup and hair for any mom who signs up for this session, and Dolly DeLong Photography LLC (me) will photograph Mommies and their babies as a part of an early Mother’s Day experience! If this is something you would be interested in, I would love for you to sign up for this very special day!


When: Saturday, May 4th, 2019

Where: Loved Studios in Franklin, TN

Cost: $400 (includes a hair and makeup artist + studio fee + 20 edited images and a photo release+ 30 minute session)

Deposit Required: $50 deposit is required for this day (it help reserves the studio)

Openings: I only am doing 6 spots this year so please sign up soon! (Plus I will need to reserve the studio for this day by Mid April so that’s why sign-ups are being announced now!)

This makes a perfect early Mother’s Day gift for either yourself or your loved one (if you are a Dad reading this and want to gift your wife, this makes a great gift to your spouse!)

Again, thanks for following my photography adventures and now that I am a mommy, I completely understand the importance of freezing time for memories sake! I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Love, Dolly DeLong Photography LLC (picture by my talented friend & fellow photog Mandy Liz Photography)


  1. Amanda Free says:

    They’re beautiful shots with rich color of a lovely lady and sweet boy. Oh my, and the hair and makeup! What mother of a new babe wouldn’t enjoy that? I can’t remember the last time I had a reason to fancy-up. Rock it!

    • ddelong says:

      Thanks, Amanda! You know when I come to Montana next, I’m going to make you do your hair and makeup so that you can get your pictures done with each of your children now! (okay okay, I’m not going to “make you” but you know what I mean!) It’s going to be my goal to have a session with you! 🙂

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