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I'm Dolly —  a systems + workflow educator, integrator (and Podcast Host) for small business owners who want to be more streamlined and organized with System, Workflows & SOPS. I'm here to help you l feel great about workflows!

All of my blog posts are written to help the reader find inspiration, "ah-ha moments" + clarity with systems/workflow education, launching education, and I even have peppered some of my own personal life in several blogs so you can get to know me!

The most important thing is: I want you to walk away with tangible next step resources! Thank you again for being here!

Welcome to the Systems & workflow education blog

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In this episode, a tech and automation specialist, Courtney McKay, joins me and talks about using Zapier and webhooks to automate business processes. Services like these are a game changer for automating and streamlining your business. Get ready to take notes about Advanced Automation techniques in Zapier and why you should use them as a […]

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Join me and my guest, brand strategist Grace Griffith, as we discuss the importance of brand strategy and messaging and how to attract more leads for your small business. We explore the concept of the voice of customer research and how it helps companies understand their audience’s needs and desires. Listen as we delve into […]

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Today, I have Christy Hunter on the podcast to discuss the importance of SEO for businesses and provide tips on how to get started. We go over the need for businesses to be the Google answer when someone is searching for a solution. Christy also shares her experience with SEO and how she turned a […]

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