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The Dolly DeLong: Adventures with Ty on our Babymoon (Part 2) (Glacier National Park, Montana)

After our amazing trip to Bozeman, Montana (which you can read about HERE), Ty and I made our way to our first National Park of our Baby Moon: Glacier National Park.

Since there was a wildfire on one of the main entrances (where we happened to book our AirBNB) we had to wake up earlier in the morning and drive 2 hours to the other entrance (Poor Ty). But, the early morning wake up was worth it because we drove into an entrance with a RAINBOW over it (yes, a magical rainbow-as you can see in the picture)-I think I may have teared up a bit (mostly because of being pregnant).

Anyway, our itinerary of the day included lots of easy hiking trails (like Hiking the Hidden Lake Trailhead), having a picnic with a chipmunk (hahah seriously), and exploring areas of Glacier which had been a part of a previous wildfire (but as you can see from the pictures it was beautiful seeing new life grow around it). I am super appreciative of Ty going super slow at all the hiking trails just for me (since I literally had to pee every 10 minutes).

Even though I had grown up in Montana, I had never visited Glacier before and this was my most favorite national park I have ever visited. I loved the mountains, the wildflowers, the trails, the weather, just everything was perfect about this day. I cannot wait to visit GNP again (when I’m NOT pregnant-so that I can hike without wanting to pee!) AND, so that I can take my son to this glorious national park!

Here are several of my favorite photos from our time spent at GNP! I am so grateful for this time spent with my sweet husband. I cannot wait to share more of our Babymoon adventures in the days ahead!

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