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going live august 19th, 2024

The Systems & Workflow Magic Bundle:
the SEO Edition

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(the SEO edition)

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the systems & workflow magic bundle: the seo edition was designed to help you  BECOME THE SEARCHABLE ANSWER ON GOOGLE for your ideal client (and yes, all with the help of systems & workflows!)

the SEO Bundle for CREATIVES

August 19th-23rd, 2024

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Dive into over 20+ SEO resources for small business owners like you! 
You CAN learn how to effortlessly weave SEO into your business's backend and become the SEARCHABLE answer your ideal clients can easily find. 
Let’s make this the summer of SEO for your business!
Launching August 2024!

to help business owners become the searchable answer on google
(without a giant marketing team)

A Collection of SEO Templates, Courses and Resources

So what is The Systems & Workflow Magic Bundle:
the SEO Edition?

As a solopreneur, I've quickly learned that running a successful business requires saving time and automating as much as possible. Breaking down the magic of systems, workflows, and SOPs is my superpower. As the host of the Systems and Workflow Magic Podcast, I serve creative business owners with mini-courses and VIP experiences centered around helping biz owners go from scattered to streamlined with strategic and simple systems, SOPs, and workflows.

To make SEO less overwhelming, I created "The Systems and Workflow Magic Bundle: The SEO edition." This is my fifth time leading this bundle, which focuses on helping creative business owners navigate SEO with ease. I've partnered with 22 of the best SEO experts to offer over $2,500 worth of resources!

Systems & Workflow Educator + Launch integrator 

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