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The Dolly DeLong: Adventures in Ghost Town Virginia City, Montana with Ty on our Babymoon (Part 3) (September 2018)

So in-between Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park, Ty and I had a night to kill and so we decided to get an AirBNB near Virginia City, Montana and explore the ghost town (which really did feel like a ghost town because NO ONE was there)! We eventually found two people (who later we decided they were ghosts too), but they told us that after Labor Day weekend, pretty much everyone leaves and only 150+ residents stay in Virginia City to make sure to maintain everything before it re-opens up the following Spring (normally Memorial Day weekend is when life resumes).
I remember my parents used to bring me to Virginia city during the summers, so I vividly remember seeing more people back then, so it was both strange and hilarious that literally Ty and I roamed the streets and it did feel like a set of an old western film. At one point a skunk even came out in the middle of the street (which Ty and I both lost it because I have never seen a LIVE skunk before, just dead ones on the side of the road). We even explored the graveyard overlooking the town (yes, judge us because we are weirdos like that) and that’s where we got some cute sunset photos. (Keep in mind these are all iPhone photos so the quality isn’t that good, but we were too lazy to bring around my Nikon)
To learn more about Virginia City, you should read this article.
I personally loved exploring this town with Ty because there were not alot of tourists around, and it was cooler so I got to wear a new-to-me maternity sweater (provided by my bestie Nicoll-THANKS NICOLL!). Another thing I loved about this over night trip was the fact that there were antelope outside of our AirBNB, and it reminded me again about how much I love Montana and its wildlife!
If you all ever get a chance to visit Montana, please consider visiting this small city as a part of a day trip (but make sure it’s in the summer so you get a chance to actually go on a tour and meet and see people!)

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