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I'm a solopreneur AND a creative business owner just like many of you. And I quickly learned that if I wanted to run a successful business (or two!) all on my own... I needed to figure out how to save time and automate as much as possible! 

In walks FUNNELS!!!! (and yes, although they are ever changing and ever evolving they are SO much fun to implement and learn as my own business grows) Plus, I love teaching others so much!

My brain is incredible at creating smart systems and crafting workflows that make sense (it's literally one of my superpowers) 

Another one of my superpowers?  Connecting and bringing in experts to help educate YOU on a specific workflow & systems related topic! That's why every year I try to lead a new Systems and Workflow related BUNDLE every spring to help serve businesses at the beginning of the year. 

But if you're reading this in the middle of the year, you've most likely missed the event (which is fine) so I would encourage you to dig into the funnel-related resources listed above to help you out with the specifics of all things...FUNNELS!

Hello! I'm Dolly. 

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