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a (simple) yet powerful and intuitive template designed for entrepreneurs seeking to streamline (organize) their backend processes. Unlock the secrets of efficient systems, workflows, and SOPs, all in one centralized digital hub – revolutionize your business' organization today with this easy to follow
 trello template!

let's organize your business

The Master Business Operations Trello Board

✓ Your overall branding for your business (branding assets, branding copy, brand voice, etc.)

✓ Your yearly, quarterly, monthly, and weekly goals 

✓ Your yearly, quarterly, monthly, and even weekly content plans

✓Your yearly, quarterly, monthly, and even weekly marketing plans

✓Your vision for your business

✓Important links to keep in one centralized hub

✓Any affiliates you promote

✓Your email marketing strategies + plan 

✓Your surveys

...and so much more!

here are some key things you should be organizing on the backend of your business as a small business owner:

Getting started with Systems, Workflows & SOPS in your business isn't as complicated as it sounds. The best step you can do is organize the backend of your own business.

investment: $57

My complete Master operations Trello board that I use within my own business broken down into the essential categories I am always referring to every single month within my business. 

With this Master Business Operations Trello Board you will receive access to a video training on how to use the board and bonus: Trello is a FREE project management tool you can use for your own business! 

This is a one time purchase that you can copy over and over again to each year of your business! 

The whole goal of this board is to help you (the business owner) get organized on the backend of your business and organize your vital systems that help run your business!

Here's what you need to know:

what you get with this template

yes I want this!

Even if you are brand new to owning your own small business, you should still operate your business from a place of organization and not be so scattered. Keep everything organized for your business with systems in this master Trello board!

systems = freedom