You’ve tried to figure Dubsado all out on your own, but you just can't quite put all the pieces together.  It feels like you've tried everything...

• You've watched tutorial videos on Youtube, but you may still feel incredibly lost (like you wish someone would just hold your hand and explain every puzzle piece of Dubsado to you like you were in the 4th grade)

• You may have even purchased several mini-courses about Dubsado and now they are collecting virtual dust because you don't know where to begin, because you don't understand the foundations of Dubsado

• You've tried to get your feet wet on the backend of Dubsado and your head is spinning because you literally do not understand what anything means 


A Dubsado VIP Experience Intensive is a done-with-you (and done for you) strategy session that helps you set up an intentional & fully branded workflow that is unique to YOUR creative business. It is a no-fluff experience from start to finish. After two weeks, you will leave with your Dubsado account set up, one workflow set up, all of your necessary forms branded to your business, and most importantly a better understanding of how to use Dubsado so that you can use it in confidence as you continue to grow your own creative business.

Most importantly, you are going to know how to rinse & repeat this system for other services within your creative business!

Picture how it will feel to finally be more streamlined with Dubsado...

That’s why  I  created  this easy-to-follow, step-by-step  vip experience -

I hear you.

there can be lots of questions and confusion when considering an intensive
 2 week dubsado experience especially like this.

Why can't this just be a one day intensive? Do I REALLY have two weeks to work on this? 

Oh, I bet I can survive another busy season without any processes mapped out, I've done it before...right?

I hate thinking about systems and workflows, can I REALLY do this over the course of two weeks? It sounds miserable.

You might be asking yourself questions like...

This Dubsado VIP Experience sounds like a dream, but you might be wondering if this will actually work for you?

Book today!

 A done-with-you 3 phase session where you will learn how to use Dubsado for your creative business (3 phases means, we will do an onboarding call, the 2nd phase will be creating your unique workflow, and the 3rd phase will include me putting it all together for you!)  

The Dubsado VIP Experience For Creatives



"I hired Dolly to help me with my Dubsado workflows. To say she went 'above and beyond' is an understatement. I'm blown away by the level of service Dolly provided! She worked with my goals forefront in her mind, making sure I understood what was happening each step of the way. Not only did she set up a beautiful workflow, but she encouraged me to think. about ways I could make the client experience better for the people I serve!"

Kind words from creative business owners like you

• Purposeful & strategic time to focus on money making activities for your business (because of Dubsado)

• You actually have your foundation set up in Dubsado & you have more clarity in how to use it (and apply it)

• Strategic workflows & confidence with using Dubsado (Finally!)

• Being on top of mind to all of your leads (because of automation baby!!!) 


•  Wasted & unfruitful time in your creative business

•  Scattered with where to begin in Dubsado

•  Confusion & frustration with Dubsado (you want to throw your hands in the air)

•  Being lost in a sea of inquiries (you feel behind because you cannot keep up in your inbox, thus you are never top of mind to your inquiries)

Go from...


The first step you need to take is to fill out my contact form (scattered throughout this page to make it easy for you) so that we can schedule a Zoom call to ensure that a Dubsado VIP experience is the right fit for you and your creative business!

Fill out my contact form


We will meet for about 30-40 minutes over Zoom to discuss the entire VIP experience: what it looks like, if it's an actual good fit for you, what a realistic timeline will look like for you, and all the detailed steps which will happen in a two week span. 

we have a zoom call


Once you determine if a 2 week VIP experience is the best fit for you, I'll send over a contract and you'll pay a deposit (retainer) to save the two week VIP experience for you! Then I'll send over an in-depth questionnaire to finish up before our first meeting together!

you sign your contract + pay a deposit


We will kick off our first official Zoom call (this is the longest meeting) It is up to 3 hours long and we will map out the service you want to convert into a Workflow. In this intensive I will be recording the entire meeting so you can use it as a reference to go back to if you decide to work on another workflow.

onboarding meeting


In-between meeting 1 and meeting 2 (in the two week time span) you will be working on all the puzzle pieces (the elements) you'll need to create to fit into the workflow (this is why it's not an all day intensive). You'll gather up all the data we discussed in meeting one, and turn it in so that I can put the workflow together.

your homework


By week 2, that's when we have meeting 2 and we will go over your new & fresh workflow that you poured so much strategic time into! You are going to feel so much relief and excitement seeing this all play out (because it's outta your head and actually processed out!) Break out the champagne because you get to celebrate a big win! 

that's a wrap!

What's the process?

yes i need this

everything you need to get started with onboarding your creative business into dubsado begins with you taking that first initial step of reaching out to see if this is the best fit for your creative business!

I only take 1 vip dubsado client per month!

Book a Dubsado Intensive, and finally achieve clarity in mapping out your services into a strategic workflow


"So first of all, thank you so much for being on this Dubsado journey with me. I have come so far since starting this Dubsado journey with you and I feel like my business is taking care of itself on automation and it's so nice I can be at the gym or at home with my kids and I don't have to worry about responding back to all of my inquiries instantly now! I have loved working with you, thank you so much!"

Kind words from creative business owners like you


You have more time back to concentrate on other areas of your creative business...and guess what? You are actually making MORE money now & you have MORE time back! WHAT? 


You invest in a Dubsado VIP experience & over the course of 2 weeks Dolly does a done with you & done for you Dubsado experience that not only sets up your Dubsado but you have so many bonuses from Dolly


Holy Moly-Who's this Dolly DeLong and why is she such a wizard at Dubsado? Is it because she's a kind Hufflepuff? How can she help me? 


Again you feel like you're back at square one and everything feels scattered


You've heard about Dubsado and how much it streamlines & automates you buy it...but now what?


You are trying to DIY everything in your creative business


You're having the best time building out your creative business realize you are in over your head


You've started your creative business (hobby to business) 

Your dubsado vip experience


Yes, I have designed this 2 week intensive for a student to have a strategic workflow based on one of their most popular services. 

The only reason why it would take longer than two weeks is if the student (aka the VIP client) doesn't turn in any puzzle pieces which goes with their workflow. I cannot work on those puzzle pieces for you since they are a part of YOUR business & YOUR voice & YOUR personality. This is where the done WITH you aspect comes in! You also have to STEP IT UP! 

How long does this really take to complete dollY? will I truly have an optimized workflow in two weeks?

You'll have access to a library of content (because everything will be either recorded) and you will also receive bonus supplemental materials to help you continue further your Dubsado education.

plus you can simply rinse and repeat this system you have learned from building out one workflow and apply it to other services you may create!

This VIP experience comes in a 3 phase process: Onboarding, Implementing and Off-boarding. 2 weeks seems like a long time, but in reality it goes by very quickly. 

Behind the scenes of my teaching framework

closed for now

It's time to stop putting off your workflows & sops with Dubsado

• Your current clients and your future clients will literally notice a difference the DAY you start having a system of workflows within your business (because they will feel more 'taken care of') and at ease.

• You will be top of mind to literally all of your leads who inquire about your service which you strategically mapped out and don't you want to START having more inquiries who will actually convert to leads?

•The longer you put off mapping out the systems and workflows of the services and workflows of your business, the harder it is going to be for you to get streamlined.

• You know your busy season and your 'slower' seasons within your own creative business. You may be starting a slower season soon, and slowing down can actually help you RAMP up your workflows (because you'll have more brain space)

There has never been a better time to start working on SOPS & Workflows in Dubsado than now.

Why start today instead of waiting for the "perfect" timing in a couple of months?

• You are literally a BRAND new business owner and you don't yet understand your services or any of the client journey's within those services.

• You would rather handle all of your client workflows manually and you would rather keep all of your processes in your head (and you don't want to use a CRM tool like Dubsado).

• You are not good at committing to following through with simple goals and timeline deadlines (within the format of 2 weeks) and you have extreme shiny object syndrome and you never finish tasks.

•  You are already at OR past burn out and you are just wanting to quit everything in your business already because just thinking about mapping out systems and workflows makes you want to puke because dealing with your business just isn't your thing anymore.

You’re not ready if:

• You are so sick and tired of dropping the ball within the services of your business and there is no consistent or clear client journey.

• You are ready to stay top of mind to your new inquiries who may be reaching out to several other similar service providers (but you are WANTING to be their 1st go-to choice because of your processes and professionalism).

• You are ready to commit time & energy for up to 2 weeks to hash out a strategic workflow that goes along with your most popular service

• You are so close to burn out with the your bread and butter service you offer, but because you are so scattered with this service it is no longer joy-filled for you and you want to quit.

You’re ready for this if:

You're here because you are just curiously researching the idea of a
2 week Dubsado intensive with me as your guide, and you want to know if you have what it takes to do implement Dubsado into your creative business.

You have heard so many great things about the powerful catalyst of Dubsado changing people's businesses, and you are wondering what all the hype is about and IF it could REALLY pertain to you as well!

You are honestly looking for someone to hold your hand through this process and you DO want one of your main services within your creative business to be strategically mapped out in a way you understand so that you can rinse and repeat it for future workflows.

Now let's get back to the heart of why you're really here...

Join other creators and makers like you who decided it was finally time to have some clarity with workflows!

Imagine what it will be like to finally have a fully mapped out & strategic workflow that helped you stay top of mind to past & future clients (and you could feel less scattered + more streamlined)

You could invest in this awesome 1:1 Dubsado VIP Experience and finally feel FREE and RELEASED from the burden of dropping the ball of your most popular service's workflows, and FINALLY experience clarity and strategy with having a consistent client experience (and maybe even create a raving client base because your clients will feel safe and secure in your processes).


You could keep doing what you're already doing by manually handling and processing your client systems and workflows because it already all lives in your head already and
"why even bother fixing it if it ain't broke?" 
You can also continue to drop the ball and continue to have inconsistent client workflows within your most popular services because you claim you don't have "the time" to map out a strategic workflow

You have a choice...


"I recently worked with Dolly Delong to set up my Dubsado account and I couldn't be happier with the results! As someone who had no prior knowledge of the platform, I was a little apprehensive going into the process, but Dolly was incredibly patient and knowledgeable, guiding me through every step of the way.

Not only did Dolly take care of setting up my Dubsado account, but she also taught me how to update everything myself. She provided me with videos to rewatch in case I forgot something, which I really appreciated.

Overall, I would highly recommend Dolly to anyone looking for help setting up their Dubsado account. She's friendly, knowledgeable, and truly goes above and beyond to ensure that her clients are set up for success. Thanks, Dolly!"

Kind words from creative business owners like you

The fact that you are running your own creative business (and that you created your own you created money out of nothing) tells me that YOU are indeed smart and that you have figured hard things out before! So, you ARE smart!
"I'm not smart enough to do this"
This is exactly why this is designed to be implemented in 2 weeks time. I have learned that if you sleep on a workflow (you wake up with a new optimized strategy) and if we have definite deadlines YOU will meet them because you paid for the experience.
"I don't have enough time to do all this"
This is not a dumb question at all, and it's something that you have been doing your entire life! Everything you do is an SOP or Workflow (you just don't have it defined) and once you start defining out workflows with the services of your business, your processes are going to be amazing!
"holy moly, what the heck is a workflow?"

You can do this (I promise!) ...even if you’re thinking…


"The fact that you systemically went through the building blocks of Dubsado REALLY makes it easier to figure things out. I'm indebted to you for a long time! You are approachable and make things easy to learn Dolly! Thank you so much!"

Kind words from creative business owners like you

If you are ready and interested in making an investment of your time in strategically mapping out one of your most popular services within your business and you want to put it all into Dubsado (and get it out of your head) click HERE to contact me, your Dubsado-lovin' guide!
I cannot wait to chat with you!

Investments begin at $1200 for a 2-week Dubsado experience with Dolly DeLong Education!

Your 1:1 Dubsado VIP experience from start to finish will be around 2 weeks in length. There is an onboarding call, a gathering phase/implementing phase, and then an off-boarding phase. In total it is 2 weeks in length. 

But in order to secure your preferred slot, you will need to sign a contract + pay a deposit in order to kick off everything.

That's a great question! So long answer short: I have tried to implement an all day intensive and it was both draining for me and for the VIP student/client because we were both "brain-fogged and brain-fried" at the end of the day (which did not make for a great experience). So I have discovered through my own educational journey that if I did three milestone meet-ups (onboarding, gathering, and off-boarding milestones) It keeps my clients on track (the puzzle piece homework assignments are more doable AND they have time to chew on the homework to be more strategic)

If you are not ready for a 1:1 Intensive Day, that's totally fine! I have several options for you to look into depending on what type of creative business you own:

1) The Dubsado Toolkit For Family Photographers

2) The Dubsado Mini-Session Roadmap

These Dubsado VIP Experiences were created for SOLO business owners (not for a team).

Yes! If you are in need of a 30% OFF code for Dubsado use my code "dollydelongeducation" or use this link:


I’m a Nashville-based personal branding & milestone family photographer and I love serving small business owners with market boosting visuals. After learning the ins and outs of running my own successful business, I’ve also started sharing my knowledge with other creative entrepreneurs as a systems and workflow educator (Because I LOVE the backend puzzle pieces of streamlining my own creative business!) 

Because of my 10+ years of experience in the creative field (aka photography) I have learned the value of organizing the backend of my creative business and how that directly impacts the workflows (and relationships) I have with my clients.  

I love Dubsado so much, and it has been a positive catalyst for the backend of my own business, so I cannot wait to guide you to learn more about Dubsado too! 

Meet your workflow & systems BFF (Dolly!)

About your Dubsado guide

B. Photogenic Photography

"I am going to be starting my second year of full time photography and thanks to Dolly's Dubsado guidance and help, the services of my photography business are set up, optimized and automated and because of that I am able to concentrate on what matters the most...serving my clients! Overall, my creative business wouldn't be streamlined without Dolly's help!"

Kind words from creative business owners like you

sorry it's closed

You deserve to finally experience clarity and strategy when it comes to the services (workflows) of your business!

book today!