Day 1 Speakers & Presentations
(foundations of email marketing)
(Tuesday, June 20th, 2023)

*ALL the presentations will release at 12PM CST and will be available for 24 hours*

kick off day 1 

Let's talk about the importance of email marketing, what we are going to cover in Day 1, who the speakers are, cover what to expect from this day's training, etc. 

by) Dolly DeLong, Photographer, Systems & Workflow Expert & Podcast Host

Email Marketing 101 

Emily Reagan is the master unicorn teacher you have been searching for all of your life: she teaches digital marketing strategies and tech skills to smart women who want to be hired as a Unicorn VA… someone who can do everything and be willing to learn. Not just an admin VA. So in her Summit talk she is diving into the topic of email marketing 101: what it is, why it's essential, and how to actually get started so you can make positive ripples in your own business!

by) Emily Reagan (A Unicorn Digital Marketing Assistant & Educator)

Shift to a Growth Mindset to actually GROW your email list

Shift to a growth mindset and grow your email list with courage, clarity & confidence (yes, even as a solo business owner!) 

by) Kate House, Top 3% Podcast Host, Coach & Educator

Get a Game Plan: Three Steps to Design Your Winning Week for Email Marketing

In this highly engaging one-hour workshop, Time Management Coach Anna Dearmon Kornick will guide you through a simple 3-step process to design your winning week to make sure that there's time carved out for email marketing. You’ll walk away with a method for prioritizing your most important work (hint: email marketing!) based on your roles and responsibilities, a framework for designing your ideal week, and a blueprint for winning your week before it starts.

by) Anna Dearmon Kornick, Time Management Coach, Author & Podcast Host

How to Choose the Right Email Marketing Platform
for You

It feels like there are 1,000s of email marketing platforms to choose from right? Or "better" yet, do you feel like if you choose the "wrong" platform you are going to "fail" from the get-go? Well email marketing strategist, Allea Grummert, is here to break down the different email marketing platforms which are popular for many business owners today. After this presentation you will walk away with more knowledge on where to begin, especially what platform is the best fit for you and your unique business. 

by) Allea Grummert, Email Marketing Strategist & Conversion Copywriter

Segmenting 101

If hearing the phrase "segmenting your list" makes you scratch your head in confusion, you don't want to miss this presentation because Magan Ward will walk you through WHAT Segmenting means, WHY it's important for your email marketing strategy, HOW to get started, and HOW to use it for your email marketing strategy!

by) Magan Ward, Email Marketing Strategist & Digital Marketing Educator

No Fluff Break Down to all the Email Sequences

There are so many different types of email sequences when first getting started with email marketing.  Some of it can cause fatigue, overwhelm, and frustration. Amanda Stores is going to breakdown the basics of email sequences for you and you are going to walk away with knowledge of the main differences between welcome sequences, nurture sequences, weekly emails, etc. 

by) Amanda Stores, Email Marketing Expert

Day 2 Speakers & Presentations
(copy + email marketing)
(Wednesday, June 21st, 2023)

*ALL the presentations will release at 12PM CST and will be available for 24 hours*

kick off day 2

A recap of what happened in day 1 (reminder if you can, watch the replays before they expire). What to expect in Day 2 and how it builds off of day 1

by) Dolly DeLong, Photographer, Systems & Workflow Expert & Podcast Host

How to write emails people actually want to read (storytelling essentials) 

Kate Doster will walk you through how to make the emails feel like they are writing themselves.  You will walk away with key points on why storytelling is essential & how to weave it into your emails!

by) Kate Doster, Host of the Do The Brave Thing Online Business Podcast

The Easy Way To Write Irresistible Emails While Being 137% Yourself

Showing up as yourself and making that sweet, sweet cash as a result? Check. You don't need to assume some rando's persona in order to connect and resonate with your email subscribers, you just need to tell them the truth. Find out how to write emails that get your readers' attention like a skillet of fajitas without abandoning yourself in the process.

by) Jennifer Curfman, Owner of Untamed Creative

Writing Your Welcome Sequence

This action-packed presentation is everything you need to get your first sequence up and running ASAP. We’ll cover how to write your welcome sequence from start to finish, including common mistakes to avoid and how to sell your offers without being salesy. No more relying on guesswork — you'll learn exactly what needs to go in each email, along with a proven strategy to generate quality leads on autopilot.

by) Megan Smyth, Copywriter & Consultant

3 Nurture Marketing Secrets That Turn New Email Leads Into New Clients

Success (a.k.a ROI) with email marketing requires MORE than an exciting opt-in with a great sales pitch on the other side…because no matter how off-the-chain amazing your offer is, stats show that only 1-2% of new leads are likely to be ready to buy in the first weeks after joining your list.
The solution? You’ve got to nurture your email subscribers effectively if you’d like more new leads saying YES to your offers. In this workshop Tamika reveals 3 nurture email tactics you can implement this week to turn new email leads into new clients.

by) Tamika Auwai, Nurture Marketing Expert

The 7 Emails Every Profitable Pitch Sequence Needs

In this training by Email Funnel Strategist Allison Hardy, you'll learn the 7 key emails that every profitable email Pitch Sequence needs in order to sell your course or membership, FOR you. You'll learn what these 7 emails are, why they are so powerful, and what each email's individual function are (And psst! It's NOT to educate your email subscribers on your program!). Tune into Allison's training if you'd like to create more profitable email Pitch Sequences.

by) Allison Hardy, Email Funnel Strategist

Write One Month of Newsletters in One Hour or Less

Emily shares two different ways to format your weekly email (aka newsletter) to deliver maximum value to readers for more opens and engaged subscribers while saving you a ton of time. 

The idea is that you can spend a few hours generating a lot of ideas that fit into the format you choose and then pull from your idea bank so actually crafting your emails will only take 15 minutes or so each week. It's flexible – designed to be customized to fit your business, your brand, and your audience. You do NOT have to send weekly newsletters to make this system work for you... you can start with monthly emails or send one every-other-week... it works for whatever schedule you choose! 
by) Emily Conley, Copywriter

Day 3 Speakers & Presentations
(email marketing in 2023)
Thursday, June 22nd, 2023

*ALL the presentations will release at 12PM CST and will be available for 24 hours*

kick off day 3

A recap of what happened in day 2 (reminder if you can, watch the replays before they expire). What to expect in Day 3 and how it builds off of days 1 & 2

by) Dolly DeLong, Photographer, Systems & Workflow Expert & Podcast Host

Built an Audience–Now what?
3 Ways to Get People Engaged through Email

The Fresh Princess of Email Marketing, Liz Wilcox is an Email Strategist and Keynote Speaker showing small businesses how to build online relationships, package up their “magic” and turn it into emails that people want to read and, most importantly, purchase from. Liz will be speaking on the topic: "Built an Audience–Now what? 3 Ways to Get People Engaged through Email"

by) Liz Wilcox, Email Marketer

Harness the Power of AI for Email Marketing

The 2023 business-scape is changing and evolving. Harnessing AI needs to be a part of your content creation strategy so you don’t get left in the email marketing dust. Cameron & Tia break down and simplify AI tools, how to use them, and most importantly, how to get them to work for you and your email marketing strategy. Let’s demystify AI and instead, utilize the power to work for us!

by) Cameron & Tia, Photography Business Coaches and Youtubers

The 4 Strategic Steps to Grow and Nurture your list
to better impact your 2023

Nadine will take you through a 4-step rinse and repeat process that business owners can use in 2023 to grow their email list.

by) Nadine Nethery, Audience-driven copywriter & brand messaging strategist for female founders

Organize your Email Marketing with ClickUp

From scattered to streamlined, plan your campaigns, map your funnels, streamline your email workflows, and track your metrics in ONE place. Now that you have ALL the ideas and strategies you need to grow your email list, Jade will teach you how to organize them all into an actionable plan (that won't overwhelm you) using ClickUp (the ultimate task management software)!

by) Jade Boyd, Productivity Coach for Creatives

Email Marketing in the New Era: How to Ethically Nurture and Sell to Your Email List in 2023

Let's dive deep into email marketing in the new era. In this presentation, we'll explore the evolving landscape of email marketing and reveal ethical strategies to nurture and sell to your email list in 2023 effectively.

by) Taylor Gregory, Email Marketing Strategist

Day 4 Speakers & Presentations
(email list growth)
Friday, June 23rd, 2023

*ALL the presentations will release at 12PM CST and will be available for 24 hours*

Let's kick off Day 4!

A recap of what happened in day 3 (reminder if you can, watch the replays before they expire). What to expect in Day 4 and how it builds off of days 1 & 2 & 3

by) Dolly DeLong, Photographer, Systems & Workflow Expert & Podcast Host

Consistently Add Subscribers to Your Email List Every Single Day (without posting to social media or a blog)  

Discover how to attract leads on auto-pilot so you're free to do more important things like run your business or enjoy more family time. When you're done, you'll know exactly how to fill your email list to the brim with your ideal customers so you can fuel your business, increase your revenue, and boost your confidence with all the new leads coming your way!

by) Monica Snyder, Founder of 

Exactly How to Start Your Email List Without a Freebie

If you'd rather try to fold a fitted sheet than figure out your freebie, this is for you. You'll leave with the absolute easiest way to build a list full of subscribers you can't wait to fiddling with Canva graphics required.

by) Elaine Jardon, Email Marketing Strategist & Copywriter

How to set up your opt-ins so that you're Automating with H.E.A.R.T.™ 

Let's take a deep dive into the tech side of opt-ins. We'll go over the most common blunders to sidestep when you're building your opt-ins, while also ensuring you're aligning your email automation strategy with treating your subscribers like people. Plus, we'll dish out some insider tips for organizing your email marketing platform so you can connect with your subscribers in a meaningful way.

by) Bev Feldman, ConvertKit Consultant & Email Automation Strategist

Unleashing Your Reach Potential: Boost Visibility and Connect with More Audiences

Deep dive into strategies that will get you seen in all the right places. We're setting up step-by-step systems to help you consistently show up to new audiences, taking the guesswork out of expanding your reach.

You'll discover why email marketing is an absolute must-have for any business owner looking to build their audience and get real about the challenges they face. You'll walk away not only knowing just how to overcome these obstacles but have a plan ready to execute. 

With fresh audiences just waiting for your message, you won't want to miss out on this opportunity to simplify your audience expansion process and achieve your goals. Get ready to unleash your reach potential and connect with more people than ever before.

by) Jamie Fisher, Photography Business Mentor, Legacy and Brand Photographer, Co-founder of Conquer Live

Organically grow your email list with YouTube

We have been told over and over to create content, but is your content marketing strategy building your email list every day? Are you leveraging the world's 2nd largest search engine to build an engaged list of potential buyers? This presentation is all about the power of YouTube and how to use long form video content to build your email list strategically. You'll learn WHY YouTube is so powerful, and a step-by-step strategy for leveraging this platform to gain visibility, authority, and to grow your email list. 

by) Joy Aleman, Business Coach | Founder of Photoboss®

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