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August 13th-August 16th, 2024

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The SEO Mastery Audio Summit is a limited-time, four-day podcast event designed to equip busy business owners with expert SEO techniques and actionable insights. Each session will leave you with one juicy piece of SEO advice from our top industry experts, perfect for boosting your online presence while on the go.

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What is the SEO
Mastery Audio Summit?

A breakdown of what to expect in this free 4-day training

WHAT'S INSIDE? WHAT'S INSIDE? WHAT'S INSIDE? WHAT'S INSIDE? WHAT'S INSIDE? WHAT'S INSIDE? get to learn from over 20+ seo experts who want to share tangible and action packed seo secrets with you! 

Day 4: tips on Leveraging Different Platforms for SEO

Day 3: tips on Technical SEO and User Experience

Day 2: tips on Local SEO and Content Optimization

Day 1: tips on Foundations of SEO and Core Strategies

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Melissa Jeffcoat

Jessica Haines

Brittany Herzberg

Crystal Waddell

Stephanie O'Keefe

your SEO Guides

the educators you'll be learning from

Amy Reinecke + Jennifer Draper

Nadine Nethery

Tayler Cusick Hollman

Christy Hunter

Samantha Mabe

Laurel Vines

Michelle Pontvert

Caroline Hull

Stine Andersson

Kristin Lawton

Rita Ester

Robyn Graham

Bai-Leigh Chapman

Duo Collective 
(Court & Abbey)

Rebekah Read

dolly delong

Glenneth Reed

Laura Jawad

Pamela Woodson

To make SEO less overwhelming, I created this private podcast event because I want small business owners to take action with SEO and stop putting it off! As a podcast host, I value learning on the go, and I love teaching on the go too. I know people are busy during the summer, so as your Systems and Workflow Magic BFF, I want to make SEO doable, manageable, and actionable for you. Are you ready to take some SEO action? I thought so. Grab that private podcast feed now and learn from over 22+ educators who are excelling in SEO! Get some juicy tips from them today. I promise this will be the best yes for your business this summer!

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