In just four days you are going to learn about the 4 different phases of launching

You might be wondering...what is the catch? How much does this all REALLY cost? The's FREE and it'll be available starting January 30th, 2024! 

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-out on to better impact your 2024 marketing plans!) 

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Why a private podcast? Well, I just liked the idea of having a private training JUST for listeners who are TRULY interested-like who even likes to have lurkers in the background? HHAHAH, I’m laughing, because we all have lurked someway somehow or another in our lives…but I truly want you to take these episodes seriously and to stay ENGAGED with strategic content which will IMPACT your business!

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Private Podcast Training?!
What does that even mean? 

A launch is the process a business undertakes to bring its new or updated products to market. In other words, it doesn't happen overnight. There are meticulous and well thought out processes (plans) that happen before a product (or service) is even announced sometimes! 

And even if you are a solo business owner, launching STILL applies to you because you most likely are wanting to "launch" a new product or service to your audience and you need to learn of the different phases of launching so that you can add those phases to your own marketing calendar in a strategic way! 

What the flippity-flop is a "launch" anyway?
And why is it important for my business? 

So all in all, this Private Training Podcast is going to be a jam-packed four days filled with valuable information to give you more insight and awareness of the 4 different phases of launching
and a new way to go into 2024 with a better marketing plan! 

Get insider tips on what really goes on behind the different phases of a launch

I want to remind you, that the FIRST episode airs on January 30th, 2024, so if you have signed up for this FREE training BEFORE January 30th, 2024 just simply mark your calendar and check your inbox for an email with the links to the private podcast! And I will be sure to send out reminders when that day arrives!

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I'm a solopreneur AND a creative business owner just like many of you. And I quickly learned that if I wanted to run a successful business (or two!) all on my own... I needed to figure out how to save time and be smart with my marketing!

In walks Launching! (and yes, although they are ever changing and ever evolving they are SO much fun to implement and learn as my own business grows) Plus, I love teaching others so much!

My brain is incredible at creating smart systems and crafting workflows that make sense (it's literally one of my superpowers) 

Another one of my superpowers?  Connecting and educating YOU (the small business owner) on a specific workflow & systems related topic! That's why every year I try to lead a new Systems and Workflow related PRIVATE PODCAST all centered around a business topic and this years topic will be about the different LAUNCH PHASES!

So the only thing you need to do is sign up for the private audio training. Launching shouldn't be intimidating and complicated (it's not). It needs to be FUN and needs to be tangible for you to understand so that you can add it to your marketing plan! So are you in? I hope so! 

Hello! I'm Dolly. 

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