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The Systems & Workflow Magic 4.0:
The Launch Edition

Dolly DeLong, Photographer & Systems + Workflow Educator for Creatives, Podcast Host

Wife, boy-mom, half-Indian & an extreme Hufflepuff at heart!  Dolly DeLong is a Nashville based photographer and she specifically serves families and small business owners with milestone family photos and strategic-marketing infused branding photos. 

When she's not working on her photography business, she wears the hat of a Systems & Workflow educator where she educates other creative business owners how to streamline and automate the backend puzzle pieces of their own businesses because she believes even Muggles can become automated wizards to better impact the BACKEND of their business!

Creator of The Systems & Workflow Magic Brand, she wants to help other creatives experience those "ah-ha" moments of clarity when teaching about systems and workflows (thus, that's where the Systems & Workflow Magic Bundle AND Summit came to be established originally in early 2022, and now it's in its 4th edition and has impacted and helped 1,000s of business owners worldwide with systems and workflows!) 

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Kendra Courtney

"I work with businesses to strategize client & project management workflows in Dubsado!
 I love showing business owners how systems can not only give their clients a good, well-organized experience while working with them but also how systems can prevent burnout and give the business owner a good BUSINESS experience!"

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Abagail Pumphrey, Co-Founder & CEO

Abagail Pumphrey, the Co-Founder & CEO of Boss Project, has been a driving force in the creative entrepreneur industry since 2015. With a passion for empowering service-based business owners around the globe, she became internet-famous after the launch of the transformative training, "Trello for Business." This innovative system revitalized the operations of over 10,000 business owners, making a significant impact on the online business landscape.

Under Abagail's leadership, Boss Project has been featured in prestigious publications such as Forbes, Marie Claire, INC, and HuffPost. Her twice-weekly podcast, The Strategy Hour, is a staple in the business community, continuously topping Business and Management Charts on Apple with millions of listeners from around the world.

Abagail's superpower lies in her ability to break down complex concepts into easy-to-implement, duplicatable systems. As an expert in online sales and a data-driven strategist, she has turned a layoff into a 7-figure work-from-home business. Abagail's mission to help more female founders become financially free, without letting their businesses take over their lives, continues to inspire and guide entrepreneurs on their path to success.

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Emily Conley, Copywriter

"I help business owners use the power of their personality and words to make effortless sales! I'm excited to be part of this bundle because I've seen how a strategic, well planned launch has been a powerful game changer for both me and my clients. I know that with the right tools and resources, more entrepreneurs can execute successful launches and make a serious impact."

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Sarah Weiss, Content Marketing and TikTok Strategist 

If you want more eyes on your offers or more clients on your calendar, nothing would make me happier than to help you get them! Also, if you’ve been on social media for more than 2.5 seconds, you know that short-form video content (i.e. Instagram Reels, TikTok videos, Idea Pins or YouTube Shorts) is the way to go. It’ll help you exponentially widen your reach and attract all-in, “I can’t wait to work with you!” clients – aka, the best kind!

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Sydney O'Brien, Instagram Strategist

"I help busy but determined mompreneurs strategize their Instagram content so that they have more time to spend with their family and are able to better support them financially by getting them more sales."

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Glenneth Reed, Owner/Founder

"I am an SEO and Google Ads expert. I help business owners get visible online. I serve small business owners and online entrepreneurs. I'm excited to be a part of this bundle to help online business owners have the best launch they can and get the data needed for subsequent launches."

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Marta Costa, Online Business Manager & Systems Strategist

We help maxed out service providers create streamlined operations so they never again have to worry about bringing in new clients or growing “too fast”. We believe that your business should support your dream lifestyle and not the other way around and we help our clients create that.

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Kelly Sinclair, CEO

I help entrepreneurs promote themselves by getting out of their comfort zones and getting visible. I do this through a combination of strategies that fall into my Visibility Trifecta of branding, marketing and PR.

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Hayley Risler, Chief Marketing Strategist

I help online business owners create marketing that looks good, feels good, and makes sales. We work together to craft a story-based marketing message so they can gorgeously connect with their customers, communicate clearly, and make sales. I'm excited to be a part of this bundle because Dolly has so thoughtfully put it together, PLUS business owners can see HUGE strides with launching, but my gosh, it's OVERWHELMING! After launching dozens and dozens of time, I'm excited to help business owners make the process a little less intimidating with a bunch of amazing tools.

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Amanda Stores, Growing Your Faith & Email List

I am an email marketing, growing your list expert, that encourages others to grow in their faith and business.

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Sage Polaris, Conscious Launch Strategist & Copy Coach For The Internet Rich And Famous

Sage Polaris has written high-converting copy for more than 475+ projects earning them millions of dollars. She helps personal brands and service providers sell more of their service or offer with the words on their website. 

She has worked with Teachable, Rick Mulready, and Lynne Twist. Basically, she makes money for the “internet famous” people we all look up to. 

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Brooke Scott, COO + Integrator (CO-Founder & CEO)

I'm an Operations & Integration Specialist and focus behind the scenes on operations, tech, workflows, systems, and funnels with the ultimate goal of helping businesses restore and optimize their behind-the-scenes and streamline their client delivery. During the day-to-day, I manage my clients' internal and external operations in their businesses so that they can get back to operating in their zone of genius and get out of the overwhelm that is keeping them from doing what they love. 

We serve various groups of women entrepreneurs from advertising and funnel agencies to coaches, consultants, and service providers. Our mission is to help those women in business create the swoon-worthy and efficient processes they have always wanted, with the goal of eliminating wasted time and money by using lean fundamentals and process improvement routines to keep things operating and streamlined. 

I'm excited for this bundle because this is EXACTLY what I help my clients with so that they can have streamlined and PROFITABLE funnels and launches!! This is RIGHT up my alley.

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Mara Kucirek, Online Course Expert and Digital Product Strategist 

I help creative entrepreneurs turn their knowledge into profitable online courses and digital products. I provide the accountability, tech support and strategic curriculum design that ensures your students actually learn something and fill your inbox with glowing reviews. I love working with solopreneurs who are either running their business alone or have a small support team because digital products can have a HUGE impact on their business and help free up their time so they spend less time in the business and more time with their family. 

Having powerful and profitable launches is such an important part of growing passive income, but launching can be completely overwhelming and confusing which is why I'm so excited this bundle is here to help other small business owners out. 

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Carolyn O'Brien, CEO

I help online business owners, course creators, coaches, entrepreneurs understand and use data to help grow their business. For me, the power of data is really revealed when numbers are visualized and I've found that the visualization of data really helps people better understand what is actually happening in their business and helps them to feel empowered to make data based decisions, step into their CEO role, and feel confident in their next steps. 

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Angela Tan, Funnel Tech and Automation Specialist

I’m Angela, founder of The Systems Rx. I'm your go-to tech and automation whiz, here to supercharge coaches and course creators with all things email funnels and client management systems. My mission? Well, it's all about dialing up the support for your clients while giving you, the rockstar business owner, a breather too.

Now, let me clue you in on my not-so-secret life. Apart from being a tech aficionado, I'm a proud mom of two. See, I get it – you're more than just a business owner, and juggling life outside those biz walls is real. That's why I'm on a mission to sprinkle back hours into your day with top-notch automated workflows.

I'm super excited to be a part of this bundle to help people leverage tech and automation for their launches!

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Amanda Warfield, Content Marketing Strategist + Copywriter

As a content marketing strategist + copywriter, I love helping course creators get more eyes on their offers through strategic content marketing and engaging copywriting.

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Melody DiCroce, Launch Expert

I am a launch expert with 8 years of launch experience and have worked behind the scenes on dozens of launches that have generated anywhere between 4 figures and 7 figures. I help women course creators, service providers, coaches, and creatives save time and increase profit on their product launches by offering launch templates and actionable trainings. 

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Monica Snyder, Founder

I love helping women create systemized businesses so they don't create "job" businesses. That's why I think this bundle is fantastic!

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Ash Chow, Launch Strategist & Conversion Copywriter 

I'm a Launch Strategist & Conversion Copywriter who helps high integrity experts and coaches develop a deeply human strategy for their content and launches that create a powerful emotional connection (while also skyrocketing their visibility and bank account)! 

I'm excited to be part of this bundle because there are so many moving pieces that play a huge role in a launch, and I want more course creators to have the tools & resources that'll keep them sane *and* help them see amazing results!

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Tayler Cusick Hollman, Founder

I wake up every day with the goal of helping as many small business owners as I can with marketing! Because marketing is such a big part of what needs to get done (and done well) but it is also one of the hardest. So after 8 years of working as a small business marketing consultant, I decided to build Enji—a suite of online marketing tools that helps small business owners finally wrap their arms (and heads) around marketing. I'm so excited to be a part of this bundle because launching is one of those things that happens a lot but can really fall flat if you don't have a plan to prep, execute, and review.

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Chelsea Wallace, Owner

I help 6 and 7 figure coaches and course creators launch their programs without the drama, stress, energy drain, and overwhelm that launches typically bring – and without having to pause their lives to get it all done. 

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Stephanie Kase, Owner

We are a business education company helping entrepreneurs become visible online & grow a business they love! This is done through coaching, online courses, digital products, a weekly Youtube channel, and more. We LOVE educating on launching & talk about passive income a lot! We also love Dolly and can't wait to be in another bundle!!

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Magan Ward, Digital Marketing Educator

Magan Ward is an email marketing expert and digital marketing educator who is on a mission to help more digital business owners build well-connected audiences that pave the way for more growth and work-life balance.

In 2021, the game changed for everyone and no longer could you just run ads and instantly build your audience.

When so many others were pivoting their offers to keep their businesses going Magan was on the front lines already focused on organic email and business growth growing her own email list with 1,100 new subscribers in less than one month and growing the email list of her clients, a top one hundred rated podcaster from 1,000 to over 8,500 in 18 months, organically.

Her podcast, The School of Marketing, helps digital entrepreneurs grow their businesses with strategies that think outside of the box.

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Caroline Bryant, CEO: Online Business Manager and Integrator for Creatives

I am an Online Business Manager, Integrator, and Coach for Creatives! I serve creatives who are specifically looking to grow and scale their business with digital products, courses, and coaching programs. My clients are either beginning to step into the education space OR they are already established educators. I am SO passionate about launching, and everything that comes with it! I know it's extremely overwhelming for creatives and takes a lot of time and hard work. Not to mention, scary, if you've never done it before! My goal in what I do (and contributing to this bundle) is to help passionate creatives ditch the overwhelm and make their launch dreams come true! By that I mean, providing them with the knowledge, tools, and templates to break down the launch process into ACTIONABLE steps that actually provide them with RESULTS! 

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Peggy James, 
Business & Marketing Coach

I help service pros and coaches work less and make more through a scalable business structure and a powerful marketing strategy.

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Nicole Boucher, Owner

Nicole Boucher is an Operations & Business Manager and co-host of the podcast Pixie Dust & Profits where she gets to geek out on the regular about her favorite things—Disney and business systems! 

With an English degree, an MBA, and a background in Lean Six Sigma, Nicole helps her clients be more productive and strategic with their time so they can play BIG with their businesses (without the overwhelm). 

Her biggest mission in life is to live sustainably—in business, this means pursuing operational excellence and reducing waste so you can get more done, in less time, with fewer errors. You CAN live that life you’ve been dreaming of and systems will help you get there.

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Reed Gallagher, Business Coach

I'm a business coach for photographers + creatives who want to show up online and sell with ease! Right now in my business I specialize in helping photographers level up their marketing and book more clients. As I navigate some changes in my biz, I'm leaning more into the content marketing & launch strategy side of things. 

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Michelle Pontvert,
Life-First Business Strategist

I help entrepreneurs build Life-First businesses that fit around their real-life circumstances through streamlined offers, minimal marketing and low-energy systems. 

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